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A roaster specifically designed for flexible roasting times, thus enabling a deep and homogeneous bean development in order to enhance the full-bodied and aromatic characteristics of the final beverage, typical of Espresso, Specialty and high-quality gourmet coffees.

Old traditions. A new vision.

In the new Petroncini’s vision, it has set out to put the roast master at the centre of the process, making him increasingly aware of the technology and giving him all the tools necessary to improve skills in personalising a top quality roasting profile, so that he can turn his creativity into reality.

Easy to operate. Easy to customize.

Its hourly capacity of 240 kg and the artisan management of the working phases make TTG 60 ideal for small-scale industrial roasters who don’t want to give up the pleasure of artisan roasting of their own coffee. TTG 60 is an easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective machine enabling complete handling freedom of the roasting, combined with the guarantee of the highest manufacturing quality and long-life operation of devices installed.

The maximum expression of the roasting values.

Equipped with the latest version of Petroncini’s MAESTRO software, the TTG 60 allows the roast master to manage coffee temperature, drum rotation speed and air-to-bean ratio, therefore letting him achieve the desired balance between convection and conduction. In addition, the PC application ROASTING MANAGER let the roast master collect and archive roasting production data and recipes over the years, summarizing data in a useful way with an attractive design.

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1919 -2019: Petroncini Anniversary

Petroncini is proud to celebrate its 100th year of activity: a milestone that becomes a starting point to develop new projects from important synergies.