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Tea bag packaging

Ideally suited to long-leaf tea and herbs as well as any premium quality tea, the new machine model ensures optimum production capacity for both see-through tetrahedral and pillow tea bags.

Ideally suited to long-leaf tea and herbs as well as any premium quality tea, the new machine model ensures optimum production capacity for both see-through tetrahedral and pillow tea bags.

C-Through – Visibly the best quality

Based on a modular structure the CT11 encompasses the highest level of currently available technology in a complete line boasting an exceptionally reduced foot-print even in its complete version including sealed outer envelope and cartoning stations. Responding to the latest no-plast market trends, the new machine is able to handle compostable and/or recyclable packaging materials, from filter material to paper cardboard.

The production cycle of the CT11 filter bag has been specifically designed with the precise aim of following the forming of each single bag, phase by phase, beginning with the use of individual packaging material reels such as tag, filter material and cotton thread, resulting in a very linear structure for easy accessibility. Starting from the forming of the filter bag material tube complete with tag and cotton thread and passing through a first transversal sealing & cutting station, a subsequent filling one and to end with, through a second sealing & cutting operation, each filter bag takes shape step by step and is ready to be processed in the next packaging station.

The unique modular structure of the CT11 allows the integration of a compact outer envelope sealing unit available for either tetrahedral or pillow bags and guaranteeing maximum protection against oxidisation. The enevelope sealing profile is continuous and performed on a single station.

The cartoning attachment fitted on the CT11 machine allows the packaging of cartons from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 25 bags. The cartoning attachment automatically forms the cartons, fills them with a pre-determined quantity of bags and finally closes them. Its versatility allows the packaging of enveloped bags stacked either vertically or horizontally according to the marketing needs.




– The CT11 motorization is handled with the aim to avoid power waste. Kinetic energy generated during braking is both shared and absorbed by other modules and converted to electrical energy that is regenerated into the power supply system.
– The use of ultrasonic technology for packaging material sealing guarantees energy saving if compared to traditional heat-sealing systems.
The CT11 allows the use of sustainable packaging materials for a complete eco-friendly package ensuring outstanding infusion and taste neutrality.
IMA Tea & Herbs
settings_applications Production Plant
IMA Tea & Herbs

CT11 Highlights

Production speed: up to 200 tetrahedral and pillow bags per minute
Ultrasonic technology for both woven and non woven materials
Multihead weighing system for top precision dosing
Single bag rejection
Modular and integrated structure complete with outer envelope and cartoning units
Reduced foot-print
Top & Tail carton packaging solution
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Production speed (bags/min) Up to 200 bags or envelopes per minute
Teabag capacity

From 2.2 to a maximum of 16 cm3 according to bag size

Power required
  • Total installed power : 50 kw

  • Average power consumption : 12 kw

  • Maximum power consumption : 16 kw

Compressed air
  • Exercise pressure: 6 bar
  • Consumption: up to max. 880 Nl/min
Machine net weight

Max. 5850 kg

CT11 Layout