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Discover GIMA TT packaging lines at PACKEXPO 2018

At PACKEXPO you will discover GIMA TT Packaging Portfolio and New Generation Products
with the largest range of packaging equipment for tobacco market.

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Discover how GIMA TT, with its flexible line of machines, working together with IMA Group’s expertise
will enter into the future of your business bringing you in line with the latest industry trends.

Packaging Portfolio

Discover our packaging line for conventional and New Generation Products.
Flex-Line is the right answer for readiness and flexibility demand in the production of cigarette packets.

NGP: New Generation Products

People’s habits towards smoking are clearly changing throughout the years. Nowadays, consumers are looking for new and alternative smoking solutions, less harmful. Therefore, tobacco industry is changing too, providing new answers to customer’s demands.

This is why in the last few years the market has seen the risen of the so-called New Generation Products. The higher technology and the less unhealthy formula of these new solutions make them the new favorite choice of smokers and so the new focus of tobacco companies.

Assembly and filling solutions


These lines are designed in order to assemble different components (plastic or metallic) engaged,
sealed or glued and are equipped with sensor and cameras in order to assure quality checks.
The line can be completed or integrated with filling and capping sections.

IMA Digital: make it real.
Smart Machines. Smart Services. Smart Organization.

Discover IMA Digital Services for machine data visualization and analysis as well as machine monitoring tools. Innovative AR solutions for size change over operations and immersive VR systems for operator’s and maintenance training will enhance Operational Excellence to ensure continuous growth of productivity.

IMA Digital shapes its vision of Smart Machines and the Smart Factory declining the Industry 4.0 principles according to a unique visionary approach and will deliver additional value with empowered machines and services created to supply predictive and personalized customer experiences across the entire value chain.