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IMA T&T: tobacco technology

IMA T&T is a division of IMA Group dedicated to tobacco industry, started its activity in January 2009 and mainly concentrated on the design and manufacturing of complete packaging lines.

IMA T&T in a glance

In 2013 was born an independent company named GIMA TT, basing in a new factory in the eastern side of Bologna (Ozzano dell’Emilia, Italy), where the assembly shop has actually more than 9000 sqm available. Today, GIMA TT is IMA T&T, a highly specialized division of IMA Group.

Thanks to the long experience in tobacco market of its employees and to IMA Group’s expertise in different packaging industries, Gima TT is able to deliver high quality machines and assure support in the creation of innovative projects.

Conventional: Discover our packaging line for conventional tobacco products. Flex-Line is the right answer for readiness and flexibility demand in the production of cigarette packets.

NGP: Not only conventional products: our Flex-Line can be combined and especially designed to realize special innovative projects like Next Generation Products ones. Discover more.

Flexibility is the key

IMA T&T first launched its flexible packaging line for cigarette packets in 2012 and since then the main core of every project has always been flexibility. Flex-Line is the right answer to the readiness requirements of the today’s tobacco industry.

When a high degree of adaptability is required, the Flex-line is the ideal solution. An easy handling and a fast installation time are granted by the simplicity of the line as well as a friendly maintenance and a drastic reduction of the spare inventory.

Innovative packet design

In the process of creating innovative packaging lines, it is essential to collaborate with the customer in order to best meet both technical and production requirements.

For this reason, IMA T&T has a special team of packet innovation experts capable of designing and producing samples in order to propose always new and original products.

Research is a constant commitment

R&D is one of the strongest point of IMA T&T thanks to its very qualified design engineers and to restricted zones dedicated to special projects development.

The team constantly work on new technological solutions to satisfy customers’ needs and anticipate the new market trends. Even if the company is quite young, it can already count on a remarkable number of patents, on both packets and machine’s groups.