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"The quality of being able to change or be changed easily according to the situation"

IMA TT was born flexible. In the beginning, the project started as a startup named GIMA TT and year after year, it grew up faster and faster.

Everything began in 2009 with few brave people, who believed in the possibility of building a new concept of machines and lines for tobacco market. Going beyond the idea, typical of manufacturing industries, of “everything has to be mechanic”, the designers focused their attention on electronic systems. Thanks to that, the company motto immediately started to be “flexibility”, focusing on the possibility of changing formats easily and in a very short time.

This allowed IMA TT to pass from being a startup to a specialized division of IMA Group today, with the power and the knowledge
to manage very complex projects and develop every day new flexible solutions.

"The quality of being composed to make something more complex"

The company, since the very first months after its birth, grew fast thanks to its engineers that, coming from different industrial fields, brought their know-how and knowledge. The idea of designing and building something able to be “fluid” and easy to move, to be changed and to be updated, is really linked to the philosophy of modularity. Starting from the first machine, all IMA TT ones can also be considered as single modules able to run in a stand-alone configuration.

Everything starts from the market’s request: machines always compact, easy to be moved and able to live in different layout configurations.


"The ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative"

Last but not least, the need to be creative. The target that IMA TT wants to reach is to be competitive in a very closed market. To do that, from the beginning of the start-up project to the current days, IMA TT was born thinking out of the box. Considering the market trends and leaning on IMA Group know-how in automated and electronic machines, the company decided to launch something new: a line able to change according to the creativity of its designers and to the customer’s request.

Our machines are able to connect these two worlds in a creative way.