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NGP: Next Generation Products

IMA T&T can supply turnkey solutions for Next Generation Products, including the assembly of e-cig components, filling of liquids or powders, packaging and end-of-line.

A completely different technology

People’s smoking habits are clearly changing over the years. Nowadays, consumers are looking for
new and alternative smoking solutions. Therefore, the tobacco industry is changing too, providing new answers
to customer demands. This is why in the last few years the market has seen the rise of so-called Next Generation Products.

IMA T&T with its flexible platform of packaging machines exploits IMA Group’s expertise in different industries
to establish itself as the leading player in assembly, filling, packaging and end-of-line solutions for Next Generation Products.

Sharing technologies coming from pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic fields of the Group, IMA T&T is able to provide
and create machines specifically designed for any kind of NGP project, both with tobacco (e.g. Heat-Not-Burn and Hybrid)
and without tobacco (e.g. vaping and e-cigarettes).





This product family might be still considered similar to the conventional one, but it is based
on a completely different technology. They are
the so-called Heat Not Burn products: sticks with less tobacco and with a different structure.
This is so because the aim is no longer to burn leaves and paper wrapped around them, but to heat the tobacco with an electronic device,
with the moisture in the leaves becoming flavored vapor, permeated with nicotine.
Those products contain a certain amount of tobacco in different forms (leaves, grains, powder, etc.) and a liquid. An electronic device heats the liquid, generating vapor, which then flows through the tobacco container (capsule, cartridge, etc.) spreading a warm vapor of nicotine and flavor.


New smoking concept. Products containing a liquid (e-liquid, nicotine salt, oil, etc.) with or without nicotine. This liquid is heated by a device, generating vapor, which is then inhaled by the consumer.
Differing from hybrid products, the ones without tobacco have all the essence properties in the liquid itself without coming from an external source.


The conventional machines for cigarette packing are not always able to answer to new NGP market demands.
The variety of technologies required to develop such new projects are often derived from different industries,
specializations and experiences. IMA T&T, after studying the evolution of this new business, is now able to combine
its experience in the tobacco market with IMA Group knowledge in other fields, such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics,
and supply fully integrated turnkey lines for NGPs.

These new synergies and the ability to share know-how and exploit the countless technical solutions available
within the IMA Group is what makes IMA T&T the leading supplier in this NGP revolution.