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Discover our packaging line for conventional tobacco products. FLEX-Line answers the demand for readiness and flexibility in the production of cigarette packets.

IMA T&T lines are able to manage a wide range of products with different shapes and sizes. Year after year, IMA T&T has gained experience in the production of more and more complex packets. Our flexibility allows us to produce packets with different diameters and collation going from 10 to 50 cigarettes, from UltraSlim to King Size, and cigarette length, from 35mm to 100mm. Furthermore, in the case of special projects requiring a particular packet, our machines can be combined in different layouts in order to satisfy new market demands.

All three main cigarette packet families, mono-bundle, double-bundle and sealed-bundle, can coexist on the same packaging line in all their different shapes, such as Square, Bevel-Edge, D-Shape, Round Corner, etc.

The standard FLEX-Line is composed of packer, stamper, wrapper and cartoner.

Our packaging lines differ from those of the competitors thanks to their:

  • Flexibility: our machines are designed to change packet format easily in order to answer the variety of market demands, maintaining excellent quality and production speed.
  • Modularity: the ability to change and implement machine layout according to the different projects, as well as modularity of the machine groups which can be interchanged in order to produce packet styles that are very different from one another.
  • Compactness: not only the machine, but also the line footprint has been designed to be as compact as possible. The complete line can fit into less than 50 square-metres.
  • Electronic: to achieve maximum flexibility and be ready to change according to what the market requires, IMA T&T machines are designed to be fully electronic, in line with the digitalization trend of the whole industrial world.

This also leads to improved reliability and reduced spare parts consumption and inventory. Moreover the electronic torque control of each movement minimizes parts breakage in case of jams and constantly provides data that are used for preventative maintenance of the machine.