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Robotised Cartoning Island

Everything is changing, including the human body and the ways we take care of it.

For some diseases, certain drugs have become important, not just as a general cure, but as the cure for a particular person.
The next step in our evolution as a species is therefore to fight rare and aggressive diseases by developing high-efficiency drugs based on individual patients’ DNA.

How does this reflect on pharmaceutical packaging needs?

  • Frequent format changeovers
  • Increased accuracy and precision
  • Product traceability
  • Entire packaging process validation


TRIT-ONE highlights at a glance

  • Completely automatic size changeovers
  • Huge carton configuration flexibility
  • 1-product-batch option
  • Robot heads designed to handle any kind of product (blisters, syringes, sachets, etc)
  • Gentle, precise product handling
  • A wide range of ancillary equipment, including printers, cams, checkweighers, etc…

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