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Lab4Life • The new Lyophiliser Process Development Laboratory

The new Lab4Life consists of a certified clean room, analytical support laboratory, product formulation, filling and full size freeze-drying equipment necessary for the development of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products in batch size up to 20 Liters.


IMA Life technical staff can assist:

  • Client product freeze drying cycle development/ feasibility studies
  • Develop and test new process analytical technologies
  • Ice Fog (VERISEQ® feasibility studies on client product)
  • Scale-up and technology transfer
  • “Hands-on” freeze drying equipment and process training for clients


The IMA Life Technology Team includes a number of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience gained in the field of parenteral development and facility operation, technical support, and R&D.

The technical experience includes freeze-drying technology, aseptic processing, formulation, filtration science and sterilization.


Preventative maintenance programs, validation support, control system upgrades, freeze-drying cycle development, training, upgrades and refurbishments, are just some of the value-adding services IMA Life can offer.