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COMPRIMA, centrifugal die filling tablet press, equipped with TWISTER for contained powder transfer

COMPRIMA tablet press machine is featuring very long dwell time and no segregation issues thanks to its well-established centrifugal force feed system. The machine is recommended for direct compression and ensures complete separation between the processing area and the mechanical area, thus limiting the surfaces in contact with the product.  Sealed doors and negative pressure inside the processing area ensure both operators’ and environmental safety in all conditions – production, end of batch, maintenance, emergency, blackout. The system is capable to achieve OEB 5 in all mentioned conditions thanks to fixed spray nozzles, rotation of the turret and special patented solutions.  At the end of WIP for Health & Safety decontamination, a completely automated cleaning cycle can be carried out. The operator simply needs to remove the size parts and fit the cleaning devices to start the cleaning cycle.