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ROTO CUBE, single-pot processor, and GHIBLI, fluid bed granulator, equipped with isolation valves for contained product feeding and discharge.

ROTO CUBE single-pot processor is equipped with containment valves for loading raw materials by gravity and discharging the granules directly into an IBC. ROTO CUBE is very suitable for granulation of HAPI since its compact design and working principle maximize the yield, while reducing the product transfers and facilitating the cleaning operations. 

GHIBLI fluid bed granulator can also be equipped for high containment process, with the maximum filtration efficiency and automatic devices for cleaning, using containment valves on the charging and discharging ports. 

As an alternative configuration, ROTO CUBE and GHIBLI can work in line: wet granules can be quickly transferred in automatic mode from ROTO CUBE for drying into GHIBLI fluid bed.

Ancillary equipment like mills, containment valves, lifting columns, pneumatic transfer systems become essential in case of contained production. They can be integrated in the granulation machines to facilitate the automatic operations and ensure the proper containment level. 

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