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TWINVALVE, high containment valve, at the discharge of an isolator for product transfer to the PH-BIN.

Isolators can be supplied to achieve containment for the operations that normally foresee a close contact of the operator with HAPI.

Product transfer to the PH-BIN can be easily carried out by using the high containment TWINVALVE, that achieves containment levels up to OEB 5. TWINVALVE is a simple and reliable solution to handle powders, granules, tablets and capsules. It can be used as a standard butterfly valve on bins and can be easily retrofitted on existing Powder Handling Plants allowing containment during powder transfer and high flexibility. 

This system is composed of two sanitary butterfly valves (active and passive) with a mini-hopper in between.
The passive valve is installed on a IBC and the active valve is installed on the machine inlet or outlet. The small chamber that is created between the two valves when they are tight connected can then be cleaned by compressed air, water and/or other fluids before and after product transfer by means of a telescopic orbital spray head and vacuum. 


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