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PERFIMA, perforated coating pan, connected to HERCULES lifting column and TWINVALVE for contained tablet transfer.

On PERFIMA perforated pan, the use of inflatable seals on both front and side doors creates complete isolation. The management of the coating process, including spray guns adjustment, can be achieved without any need for the operator to be in contact with the product. 

The machine can be fitted with automatic systems for product loading. The IBC containing the cores is elevated by HERCULES lifting column and fitted with TWINVALVE for contained transfer into the pan. The product is then loaded by gravity. Isolation at product exit is achieved through a single use bag for containment.

Accessibility into the isolated area can be achieved by means of glove ports and RTPs (Rapid Transport Ports): they allow the operator to work in the protected area without contamination. Quantity of glove ports and RTPs can be evaluated upon operation requirements.


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