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Capsule Filling

Zanasi THC, total high containment capsule filler, connected to a washable deduster.

Zanasi THC is designed to encapsulate solid or liquid products in single or multiple dosing combinations, while ensuring complete isolation of the process area. Contaminated parts are minimized and extremely easy to be accessed by means of glove ports and RTPs (Rapid Transport Ports). 

ZANASI THC is designed for containment up to OEB 5 in all conditions – production, end of batch, maintenance, emergency, blackout – thanks to inflatable seals and Wash In Place system. 

Product sampling, IPC units for weight check, dedusting and metal check are all designed and installed to maintain the highest degree of containment. Even PRECISA, 100% weight checking machine for pharmaceutical products packed in hard gelatine/HPMC capsules, can be arranged for high containment.


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