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Episode #1: capping and lamination

Host by Federica Giatti, Compression Technologist

What if working in the upper part of dies is not the solution? What is the best way to perform capping or lamination when standard solutions don’t work?

Meet the Master


DOMINA is a modular technological platform that makes possible to build an ideal configuration to perfectly compress any powder into any tablet. 

Designed with an eye to Pharma 4.0, DOMINA is easily adaptable to state-of-the-art production environments, able to learn and suggest improvements. Upper and lower compression axes are fully automated and adjustable via the HMI. Punch tightness and compression load cells allow for adaptive diagnostic capabilities.

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D-Change is a DOMINA project, a site, a blog, a container of words, thoughts and people. A different way of doing business.

Here you’ll discover more about DOMINA, a brand new concept of tablet press machine. Choose your experience by reading or listening to our podcasts about the meaning of change or simply meet the team behind DOMINA.

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