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Small-scale Freeze Dryer

Based on the successful LYOMAX industrial FD concept, MINIMAX is a GMP, small-scale freeze dryer developed to address the demands involved in handling small production batches.

Based on the successful LYOMAX industrial FD concept, MINIMAX is a GMP, small-scale freeze dryer developed to address the demands involved in handling small production batches.

Maximise your opportunities

The MINIMAX series provides scalable lyophilization technologies from formulation to full commercial production. Process analytical technologies (PAT) also help manufacturers to find desirable conditions and parameters for perfect drying outcomes. Pilot-scale freeze drying is the optimal solution for scale up operation volumes prior to industrial scale production or even for small production batches. The aim is to achieve drug commercialisation objectives and bring parenteral products safely and quickly to market by enhancing product and process knowledge. This ensures superior product quality and uniformity and creates a data-rich environment ensuring successful operation of all freeze-drying system sizes.

MINIMAX benefits from all-round performance, a high level of redundancy and various configurable options making it a reliable and versatile solution for each application. MINIMAX can be integrated with isolation technology and automatic vial-loading systems. The unit is pre-arranged to support the processing of non-aqueous solvents and high potent products.

IMA Life
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IMA Life North America

MINIMAX Highlights

Available in six configurations with shelf areas from 1.0 up to 3.9 m2
CIP-SIP included
Ice condenser capacity ranging from 29 to 78 kg with minimum condenser temperatures of – 75°C.
Slot door suitable for RABS/isolator integration
Compact and modular configuration to fit available room space
Preventive maintenance software “Health monitoring” to reduce downtimes and cut costs
Pre-arranged for the installation of PAT tools: Veriseq™ controlled nucleation, Quantum mass spectrometer and WiSe, wireless temperature sensors.
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Model Shelf Area Range (m2) Shelf Spacing and Alternative (mm Shelf Size (w x d) (mm) Number of Shelves and Alternative Maximum vials loading capacity (2R vial) Min.Condenser Capacity (kg @ 12.7 mm ice)
Minimax 1.0 1.2 130 643 x 615 x 18 mm 3 + 1 4275 29 kg
Minimax 1.4 1.6 110 643 x 615 x 18 mm 4 + 1 5700 29 kg
Minimax 2.0 2.4 130 643 x 930 x 18 mm 4 + 1 9150 63 kg
Minimax 2.8 3.0 110 643 x 930 x 18 mm 5 + 1 11440 63 kg
Minimax 3.3 3.6 130 643 x 930 x 18 mm 6 + 1 13720 78 kg
Minimax 3.9 4.2 110 643 x 930 x 18 mm 7 + 1 16000 78 kg


Filter rack overview
Maintenance door
Maintenance door and refrigerator skid
Refrigeration skid with liquid nitrogen cooling system
Slot door