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Integrated line

Integrated line

DYMAX 400, continuous motion cartoner, is designed for medium to high-speed production. It ensures high flexibility in terms of feeding systems for both pharma and extra pharma markets, carton sizes and applications. In addition, to facilitate the working conditions of the operator, DYMAX 400 guarantees great accessibility, complete visibility of all parts and comfortable positions of the loading stations (products, leaflets, booklets and cartons).

Very clean balcony-type construction with maximum accessibility to all main parts to facilitate maintenance and cleaning operations. The MS50 stretch banding machine has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of a market where demand is growing more and more for extremely compact, easy-to-operate, high production speed machines.

Ideal for packaging products such as pharmaceutical items, the machine is suitable for different production needs.  Equipped with a horizontal case magazine for easy loading, the machine keeps the case erect during product insertion with the aid of suction cups fitted to the pick-up and forced opening arms. All the parts of the machine can be reached from the operator’s side without having to walk to the opposite side to reach the carton stacking unit.

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