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IMA Active, specialist in Solid Dose solutions, will showcase a continuous by mini-batch manufacturing line for tablets, composed of a feeding blending unit and Prexima 80 tablet press equipped with PAT sensor.

The line is composed of a mini-batch feeding blending unit by Gericke and Prexima 80 tablet press equipped with PAT sensor.  Mini-bactch manufacturing concept is a semi-continuous approach to make continuous manufacturing suitable for low dosage, low volume, highly potent products. It combines advantages of the traditional batch and true continuous manufacturing processes to generate a simplified system.

This system can be combined with Croma continuous coater to produce coated tablets which will be displayed on Thomas Processing stand 2753 Croma is very flexible and compact coater for tablets, designed to be modular to manage a wide range of tablets throughput at various coating weight gain. It is so versatile that it can work in mini-batch or continuous mode.

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