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Welcome to the IMA Safe House of Innovation
7-8-9 June 2022, Bologna (Italy)

Discover the latest news we developed for the packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. We are waiting for you in our new building based in Ozzano dell'Emilia, Italy.

Our new house, the House of Innovation

The forced break we all recently experienced was inspiring for us to build something new and sustainable, where ideas, interaction and all-round innovation take place.

It brings us immense pleasure to open the doors of our next generation building, immersed in a green space, with large interiors, vertical gardens and outdoor areas.  

We are glad to guide you inside, through our latest technologies we developed for primary and secondary packaging, digital applications for Industry 4.0, as well as our green approach to foster sustainability in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Focus on


It’s time for a revolution in the cartoning world: TRIT-ONE, robotic cartoning island. In order to cope with the future challanges of pharmaceutical market we built a sole answer to all the following requirements: Frequent fully automatic format changeover, High accuracy and precision, Traceability of the product, Validation of the whole packaging process.


Flexibility of production and high speed for big volume batches: are you sure that one excludes the other? Let yourself be surprised.
New Multi-lane high speed blister machine with patented Sombrero feeding system completes the outstanding GIANT Family.


The future of tablet and capsule counting starts here. We have redefined the efficiency standards in this market with a new revolutionary technology. I-SCAN is the new counting machine with 3D detection sensor and real single rejection.

Digital applications for Industry 4.0 and our green approach


IMA Digital is the force that drives us in the creation of new digital services to enhance and support manufacturing world. In this perspective IMA Safe will present a range of new 4.0 solutions for assistance, production support, training and data management.


Starting from innovation, IMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.
Come and discover the new frontier of pharma and cosmetic green packaging materials and applications.

Many other technologies

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