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IMA Life at 3M webinar • November 16, 2021 at 10:30 am (CET)

Post published on 08/11/2021

IMA Life at 3M webinar

IMA Life installed a freeze dryer using 3MTM NovecTM Engineered Fluid to help a large pharmaceutical company manufacture vaccines at extremely low temperatures while reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

Now we are pleased to take part in the webinar organized by 3M focusing on Smart Heat Transfer fluid solutions for today’s electronics, low temperature applications and power plants, to present the advantages of IMA Life Safetherm HX Heat Transfer Fluid.

Many of today’s greatest technological advancements have one thing in common: a need to manage heat. Whether it’s controlling temperatures in cold storage or power electronics or avionics, heat transfer is critical to a wide range of applications that enable our modern lives. Balancing the demand of thermal performance with worker safety and low environmental impact is a key issue.

Register for the webinar and listen to Christophe De St. Leger, one of IMA Life’s experts in freeze drying. He will explain the advantages of non-flammable fluids for pharmaceutical and chemical processing together with Catherine Sol, EMEA Product Marketer for Novec Fluids at 3M and Dr. Petra Stegmaier, EMEA Application Engineering Specialist for Novec Fluids & Thermal Management Solutions at 3M.

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