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7th Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop • 20-22 April 2022

The event takes place from 20/04/2022 to 22/04/2022

IMA Active and IMA AUTOMATION at the 7th Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop

IMA Active and IMA AUTOMATION are pleased to be a gold sponsor for the 7th Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop, which will be held in Dublin on April 20-22, 2022.

The Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop (PDD) series was established by Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt in 2013 with the aim of providing a space for meeting colleagues, discussing research and engaging in new collaborative efforts in a casual setting. We welcome graduate students, postdocs and colleagues from academia and industry as well as government agencies (in other words, everyone is welcome!). The PDD workshop currently alternates annually between Dublin and Istanbul and accommodates participants from Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as from the Middle East and Africa. We see ourselves as a forum for learning about inhalation drug delivery from leaders in the field and discussing aerosol-related topics in a relaxed atmosphere. The Istanbul meetings are organised by Assoc. Professor Ayca Yıldız Peköz of Istanbul University.

IMA Active and IMA AUTOMATION will give a presentation on “Manufacturing DPIs: an engineering perspective”.

When developing new pharmaceutical products in DPI form, the powder cannot be compacted at all, so its airway intake must be improved. The use of hard capsules at very low humidity is highly recommended for this purpose, as it does not affect other important process requirements such as precise micro-dosing, weight controls, containment measures and ease of device assembly.

IMA draws on its extensive expertise to provide the most advanced solutions for DPI product processing and assembly. These include: gravimetric weight control performed in-line on each single capsule or device, both before and after filling; no powder compression caused by mechanical and/or vacuum action; accurate micro-dosing with automatic feedback and adjustment; highly flexible and precise inhaler assembly in accordance with design for manufacture (DFM) and proof of principle studies at an early stage.

The presentation offers attendees the opportunity to view the technical solutions available and understand how to address the various challenges linked to DPI manufacturing and delivery via discussions with our experienced IMA Product Managers. This year, IMA will be demonstrating the Adapta capsule filler and showing how our machine weighing system ensures maximum dosing precision and reliability regardless of the product to be dosed. We will also highlight the accuracy of Adapta’s 100% direct gravimetric fill weight control process using extra dry capsules at 15% r.h. and 20°C.

The presentation will include a focus on IMA’s comprehensive knowledge of engineered solutions for medical devices as well as the benefits offered by its DFM research.

Meet our experts, Alessio Tarozzi, Product Manager for capsule fillers at IMA Active and Edward Quinlan, Sales Manager at IMA AUTOMATION and find out more about IMA solutions for DPI processing and assembling.

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“Manufacturing DPIs: an engineering perspective” presentation


Alessio Tarozzi, Product Manager for capsule fillers at IMA Active
Edward Quinlan, Sales Manager at IMA AUTOMATION

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