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Granulation systems

Wet Granulation process has since ever a significant major impact on batch production of OSD forms. It provides a great contribution to solve or mitigate issues related to the characteristics of the raw materials and ensure reliable and higher quality of the final products.

Wet Granulation process is considered the hub of OSD batch manufacturing either for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry since it increases powder flowability and compactability thus facilitating most of the downstream operations like compression, capsule  or sachet filling.

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More than 40 years of experience in wet granulation at IMA Active have been spent to take the challenge of making granulation a science and not any more an art  handled by a few specialized experts with many years of experience in practice.

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Granulation lines are designed for manufacturing granules by mixing and agglomeration of powders in high shear mixers and drying in fluid bed.

IMA Active provides customised solutions to combine production efficiency and current health, environmental and safety regulations to protect operators, the plant and to preserve the product.

Precise process control and premium quality engineering are the key features of IMA Active fluid bed processors.

Simplified processing concepts based on smart design together with GMP compliance for maximum efficiency and to fully respond to current industry requirements. Easily integrated with other granulation equipment, IMA Active fluid bed processors fit seamlessly into Solid Dose-processing lines.

IMA Active technology is the benchmark for single-pot process in granulation.

It combines high-shear mixing and granulation processes with drying and milling in the same equipment, to obtain dry granules read for use, thus enhancing sustainability in manufacturing.


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