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Supplément Distribution chose Zanasi for its manufacturing site in Aubange, Belgium.

Food supplement revolution.

Transparency, quality and sustainability. These are the three words that leads Nutrimuscle the French company that ributes food supplements since 30 years.
Nutrimuscle was born in 1993 and goes down in history as the first French brand of supplements for bodybuilding, becoming over the years the reference brand of food supplements for athletes.
When it was created, Nutrimuscle acquired an ambitious mission: to make accessible sports nutrition respecting the highest quality criteria. This is how Nutrimuscle has established itself as the pioneering French brand in sports nutrition.
Since its inception, Nutrimuscle has been committed to offer only pure and fresh raw materials, guaranteeing the traceability of products by communicating in complete transparency on their origin, their composition and the stages and manufacturing processes.
“As a result of our DNA of being totally transparent amongst our customers by listing all the ingredient we use, we committed to look for and use only high quality raw material” says Théo Copolata, CEO of Nutrimuscle. “Our food supplements are high quality product and essential, but it is not so easy to obtain this result especially for products filled in capsules. Indeed, the product to be filled should be quite fluid but actually this must not affect the quality of the final product”. That’s why Nutrimuscle chose Zanasi 40 for its manufacturing and distribution site Supplément Distribution in Aubange, Belgium.


Which was the most restrictive requirement for the new capsule filler you were looking for?

We were filling our capsules manually and we were looking for an automatic machine in order to increase our production. But as I said before, the most important thing for us is to preserve the quality of the raw materials we use and of the final product. We do not want to add additives and other materials even if this could make the product easier to be filled in the capsule. So the most restrictive requirement for the capsule filler was to have a machine able to dose our product as it is, even if it is difficult. We asked several suppliers and all of them suggested us to add magnesium stearate to our product in order to make it easier to be filled into the capsule. But this was not our request. Finally, we met IMA Active.


What was your main reasons for choosing Zanasi capsule filler?

We knew that or product was quite challenging, but IMA listened to our requirements very carefully and was ready to adapt the machine to our needs and requests. In the end we worked closed to IMA Active engineers to develop a machine that was able to work our difficult products as they are (ie: crystallized powders and powders with minerals), maintaining the high standard quality and increasing our manufacturing capacity and capability to fulfill our customers’ demands. In the end we were looking for optimal performance and accurate dosing to produce excellent quality products with reasonable costs. Zanasi 40 was the answer to our needs.


Which three main criteria do you appreciate the most in the machine?

If I should choose three words to describe ZANASI 40 I would say: flexible, easy and fast. The design is smart for two main reasons: first of all, the great accessibility once the machine doors are open allow quicker cleaning and easy maintenance operations. Secondly, the changeover is quick and easy. Moreover, the processing area is fully accessible leading to easy inspection which results in superior quality of the final product. Finally the ergonomic interface machine makes the machine easy to be used for operators allowing quick set-up and also the training sessions for new operators are fast. 


How was the collaboration with IMA?

The collaboration with IMA Active was efficient and productive. IMA Active know-how was precious and working in close collaboration with our team they were able to design and develop the perfect machine for an optimal production process. This collaboration has also proved fruitful from another point of view. In fact, in recent years our market has been expanding especially in Italy. Our Italian customers are approaching Nutrimuscle thanks to our philosophy of transparency and thanks to the quality of our products which are essential in their formulation. Knowing that these products are produced with a capsule filler supplied by one of the Italian excellences, leader in the sector, is a guarantee of quality.


Any future project?

We would like to increase our manufacturing capabilities further in close collaboration with IMA Active as our company, Nutrimuscle, is expending in Europe.

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