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IMA Life LYO-Regen

Give your equipment a second life.

Repower your production

Enhance the performance of your LYO and loading/unloading systems, remove obsolescence, extend their lifespan, and achieve environmental and cGMP compliance with a comprehensive set of upgrade services covering machine componentry, refrigeration and vacuum technologies, equipment controls, and all other ancillary systems.

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  • Compliance
  • Data Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Sustain Ability
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Control System
  • Perfor Mance

Restore compliance to the most recent requirements and regulations

Apply the LYO-Regen package to your freeze dryer to improve compliance with the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements. Improve environmental sustainability and safeguard your equipment, increase the productivity of your equipment with sequential cycles, and customize loading and unloading systems according to your needs.

Service Products

  • Recipe versioning
  • SQL reporting
  • Autowithin
  • Instruments redundancy
  • Control system SCADA
  • Control system SCADA & PLC
  • Safety device/interlocks
  • Non acqueous solvent
  • Refrigerant retrofit

Value and Benefits

  • CRF 21 compliance
  • Data integrity and cyber security
  • Reduce operator intervention
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Fit the reports generated by equipment’s SCADA
  • Enhance process robustness and data collection recording
  • Enhanced compliance with the most recent requirements for open product handling as per Annex I
  • Enhanced compliance with the current environmental and safety regulations

Add new features to your SCADA system

Upgrade your machine with new functions which are only present in the “new generation” of freeze dryers. Control and optimize all phases of production by interfacing with the plant database.

Service Products

  • SQL reporting
  • Integration in domain
  • Instruments redundancy
  • SCADA redundant architecture
  • OSI  PI – WERUM – MES system

Value and benefits

  • Continuous Data collection
  • Ehnanced uptime
  • Batch Report can be generated again at a later time from SQL database, with indication COPY as water mark
  • System under customer IT policy

Regulatory compliance

Be ahead of the game and allow for a full compliance with the new, upcoming Annex I requirements through the upgrade of the control system, redundancy of critical instruments and through the upgrade of the lyophilizer loading/unloading systems to meet the newest and strictest standards in environmental control and regulatory expectations.


Service Products

  • Instruments redundancy
  • Control System upgrades
  • Fully automatic Water Intrusion Test for sterilizing filters
  • Continuous automatic monitoring and alarming of the sterile boundary of the lyophilization process
  • Cycle queuing to enable the fully automatic unattended execution of all service cycles (defrosting, CIP/SIP, Filter integrity test and Unit leak test)  to minimize equipment downtime between two consecutive manufacturing cycles while meeting the most recent GMP best practices.
  • Unique batch report for freeze drying and services cycles
  • Upgrade of the loading/unloading systems (from fully manual to enclosed and ventilated semi- or fully automatic loading/unloading systems) and implement physical barrier technologies around your unsealed containers to support the achievement of Grade A conditions throughout the handling of the partially closed/unsealed containers.

Value and benefits

  • Enhance your Aseptic process robustness by minimizing the risk of biological contamination at this crucial step of your aseptic processes
  • Automate parts of the handling to minimize equipment/Operator interactions
  • Achieve full compliance to Annex I’s requirements and most recent GMP best practices with a reduced capital investment and downtime

Renew your equipment to avoid obsolescence

The LYO-Regen package allows for addressing any machine upgrade with the objective of eliminating the risk of obsolescence of old components, improving performance or adding features only available on the new “generation” equipment.

Service Products

  • Mycom
  • Cumulus
  • Hydraulic power unit & cylinder
  • Control system
  • Pneumatic valve manifold from pressure switch to pressure trasmitter
  • Vacuum pump (oil or GV to GXS)
  • Refrigerant retrofit
  • ETV (sporlan to danfoss)

Value and benefits

  • Reduce unexpected equipment failure
  • Improve troubleshooting capability
  • Predict downtime due obsolescence of failing items
  • Reduce Global warming ootential impact
  • Customize the stoppering pressure based on vials size


Reduce enviromental impacts

LYOReGen reduces energy consumption and limits the impact on the greenhouse effect. If you plan to use non-aqueous solvents, it supports you in fluid separation and waste management.

Service Products

  • Cumulus
  • Refrigeration leak detector
  • Safetherm HX
  • Non acqueous solvent
  • Refrigerant retrofit

Value and benefits

  • Reduce environment impact
  • Immediately detect leakage
  • Comply with E&S regulation
  • Prepare for new technology product

LYO-Regen package also refers to a fully upgrade program for vial Loading and Unloading systems for freeze dryers

Upgrading of existing control systems (PLC and SCADA) to match the latest requirements and implement the latest technologies.
– Allows for addressing any machine upgrade with the objective of eliminating the risk of obsolescence of old components, improving performance or adding features only available on the new “generation” equipment.
– Improved GMP solutions for existing loading and unloading operations between existing filling & capping equipment and existing freeze dryers.
– Introduce the latest EM devices and improved ergonomics and monitoring of RABS access on existing equipment.

Service Products

The same LYO service products are applicable to the vial loading and unloading systems. However, the following specific features exclusively apply to the vial loading and unloading systems LYO-Regen package:


  • Components (motors, drivers, gearboxes and sensors,
  • Mechanical disconnect between infeed starwheel and conveyor
  • Laser safety scanner
  • Laser distance measurement


  • Mechanical disconnect between infeed starwheel and conveyor
  • Laser safety scanner
  • Laser distance measurement

Annex 1:

  • Semi-Automatic solutions between existing equipment
  • Reduced operator activities during loading and unloading of LYO
  • Optimize Grade A path
  • Improved RABS access
  • Latest EM devices


Value and benefits

Same value and benefits as the freeze dryers. See all benefits listed in the other categories.

Get the updated SCADA interface to safeguard your data

The LYO-Regen package involves a complete update of the control system.
The freeze dryer is upgraded to take advantage of the new recipe version management and SQL-based report generation features, as well as all the auxiliary functions typical of the “new generation” LYO.
Constantly collect process data with no worries about possible hardware failures which might generate a “gap”in the automatic cycle reports.

Service Products

  • Virtualization
  • SQL reporting
  • Integration in domain
  • Full control system upgrade
  • Redundant architecture
  • Multiple freeze dryers
  • Stratus server

Value and benefits

  • ANNEX I compliance
  • Batch report can be generated again at a later time from SQL database, with indication COPY as water mark
  • Process data for data table and chart(s)
  • Alarm filtering for audit trail
  • Continuous data collection
  • Ehnanced uptime
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity
  • System under customer IT policy

Bring back or improve the original perfomance

LYO-Regen is the upgrade program that allows you to improve the efficiency of your equipment, bringing it back to its original performance. It reduces production cycle time by automating filter testing and integrating it into sequential cycles.

Service Products

  • Mycom (from bitzer)
  • Cumulus
  • Autowithin
  • Refrigerant retrofit
  • ETV upgrade

Value and benefits

  • Enhance performance
  • Enhance reliability
  • Improve equipment up time
  • Comply with E&S regulation