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IMA is the market leader in the offer of a variety of blister packaging machines, including those for low-medium to high speed production, for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

IMA since the 70s is the market leader in the production of blister machines, this thanks to its constant ability to continue to improve. The main features that distinguish IMA are:

1. Best efficiency: always obtaining the maximum possible performance in terms of packs quality even at high speeds.

2. Flexibility in product handling: IMA branded feeding system can handle any product, in terms of size and shape.

3. Blister and modular design: Capability to handle different blister materials also those sustainable for the production of monomaterial blister.
Modularity of the machine in terms of stand-alone or integrated configurations.

4. Special equipment: Customised containment solutions based on the product’s danger.

IMA feeding systems

IMA feeding systems are the result of 50 years’ experience in the blister packaging industry with more than 9000 feeding units supplied worldwide for handling every kind of product shape and all packaging materials.

IMA feeding systems reach the highest levels of pocket-filling efficiency, 99.9%, working at the highest speeds.

Thermoforming materials


Alu & Alu thermoforming materials


Detailed analyses are performed both during size part design and testing to identify which treatments work best and  which materials are best suited to ensure stability over time. This guarantees our clients get machines and size parts that are already tested for the latest packaging materials.

Discover and customize your complete blister packaging line

A wide choice of blister machines, labellers, cartoners and comprehensive end of line solutions


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IMA SAFE grants to you 100% IN HOUSE SOLUTIONS to satisfy any request for the containment of solid pharmaceutical shapes in blister packaging.
The reliability of our feeding systems reduces to a minimum the intervention of the operator within the cabin of containment and its accessibility and smooth surface simplify cleaning procedures.


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