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We’ve been inspired by the most perfect machine ever:



New ADAPTA 50.
More than a machine.

It’s time for a new idea of automatic machine.

It’s time for a compact capsule filler that combines IMA’s unrivalled experience with the most innovative technologies for quality control.

It’s time to discover the new ADAPTA 50.

July 15 – 17, 2020

October 13 – 15, 2020

February 25 – March 3, 2021

Corporate HMI

ADAPTA 50 is fitted with MAX, the new corporate HMI. The new UX design plays a strategic role in improving operator efficiency, while ensuring prompt responsiveness, enhanced predictability and easy learning. The result is an HMI that truly meets the operators’ needs.

The underneath KORTEX, an iFix-based SCADA, is designed to be IoT ready, for an easier and deeper connection with a superior layer, intra- or inter-plant.


Central capsule infeed

Inside the processing area, positioned at the centre of the transport plate, the capsule infeed unit is fully visible while the process is ongoing. Easy inspection results in superior quality of the final pharmaceutical product.

This smart design also leads to great accessibility: the processing area is fully accessible once the external panels are opened, making for quicker cleaning and maintenance operations. 

Adjustable dosing system

ADAPTA 50 fits new special dosators for DPIs and can accurately adjust the dosing chamber.

Dosing precision is enhanced by soft linear motor movements which ensure minimum product losses even at high speed. The use of electrical motorization makes for endless adjustment capability of the filling unit, tailoring set-up of each product and optimizing dosing precision.


Built-in upside down scale

ADAPTA 50 fits an innovative upside down scale, which ensures maximum accuracy in weight control by checking the capsules in suspension. This system allows for 100% gravimetric net weight control also in the case of product combination.

Its integrated design guarantees in-line control and a shorter feedback loop, while ensuring minimum encumbrance in the processing area: the best precision in the least space.

Removable dosing unit

ADAPTA 50 is designed to dose up to three products in the same capsule. The dosing units are easily removable and interchangeable, allowing a plug-and-play shift among different machine configurations and filling combinations.

This exceptional flexibility makes ADAPTA 50 capable of meeting the ever changing requirements of the market and of optimizing maintenance operations.

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