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Make the most in the confectionery market

IMA shapes the Confectionery international industry responding to the most diverse processing and packaging requirements with machines and platforms conceived to handle gums, candies, coated sweets and biscuits or bars, from powder dosing to palletizing.

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Confectionery processing and packaging solutions

In today’s world of fast-moving confectionery trends, only IMA has the ability to respond to the most diverse processing and packaging requirements.

A flexible approach to your needs and the ultimate in packaging variety will enhance your products, giving them a competitive edge on the market thanks to their additional appeal. Whatever your specialty or your specific objective, IMA can provide turnkey solutions based on decades of experience and home-grown technologies which will transform your ideas into reality. A team of international sales staff with in-depth knowledge of your sector and a strong technical background in processing and packaging are at your disposal to deliver the solution you require.

From tableting and coating to filling and capping to wrapping and cartoning, right up to  end-of-line requirements,
IMA has the most flexible answers for each step of the process.

We shape your taste

Powder handling, dosing, mixing, granulation or compression. Powder layering and coating of cores, should they be tablets, small pellets, almonds, or chocolate units. It is the know-how, or better, the know-why behind the technical solutions themselves that makes IMA technologies suitable for any application.

Solutions for gum slabs, sticks and pellets
Wrapping, blistering and cartoning machines

A high-performance equipment able to handle gum slabs, sticks and pellets providing a variety of packaging solutions according to your needs. High-speed processing, accuracy and optimum product handling are the key characteristics of the machines dedicated to gum packaging.

Solutions for pellets, candies and loose products
Filling and cartoning machines

The art of feeding soft and hard candies, gum pellets and other solid products is one of IMA’s strong points, offering you a wide range of packaging solutions in plastic and metal containers of various types and sizes, with dispensers or top opening, pressure or screw caps, to best meet all of your requirements.


Flow packaging solutions

MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in manufacturing automatic flow packing machines and lines for handling, feeding and packaging products such as candies, jellies, lollipops, bubblegums, chewing gums, chocolate, crackers, instant noodles, layer and sponge cakes, marshmallows, plain and filled biscuits, snacks, bars, wafers and sweets in general.

We can offer a wide range of standardised machine models and tailor-made fully customised systems.

Overwrapping and display boxing solutions

In order to ensure your products stay in perfect shape for longer at each point of sale, our overwrapping solutions offer precision and premium quality. The Fin Seal versions hermetically seal each package to protect the contents from moisture and thus prolong their shelf-life.Not just simple trays, but an array of packaging solutions for display boxes that, with minor technical adjustments, can help  you cut production costs while maintaining high quality countertop presentation.


IMA has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing end-of-line machines. The machines and feeder units are extremely flexible, enabling the processing of countless types of product and package. The constant flow of ideas generated by our close-knit team has resulted in a number of innovative concepts such as machines with a small footprint, integrated packaging solutions, rapid size changeover and the handling of complex or non-standard products.

Simple to use and easily accessible, they guarantee maximum protection for both operator and product, at every stage of production.

Customized robotized platforms

Customized solutions complete with robot solutions (i.e: Gantry Robots) and integration of additional manipulators made by standard robotics, providing tailor-made productive cell design.

IMA Processing solutions. We shape your taste.

Powder handling, mixing, granulation or compression. Powder layering and coating of cores, should they be gums, sugar crystals, almonds or chocolate units. It is the know-how, or better the know-why behind the technical solutions themselves that makes IMA technologies suitable for any application.

Together we can optimize your processes and innovate your products.