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Powder handling, mixing, granulation or compression. Powder layering and coating of cores, should they be gums, sugar crystals, almonds or chocolate units. It is the know-how, or better the know-why behind the technical solutions themselves that makes IMA technologies suitable for any application. Together we can optimize your processes and innovate your products.

An extensive range of technologies for all aspects of confectionery processing

Powder blending through bin tumblers or high shear mixers, for efficient mixing of different ingredients, as preparation to subsequent process phases or simply to achieve a homogeneous powder blend prior to final packaging.

Wet granulation agglomerates fine particles into larger granules to improve powder solubility, machinability at a later compression stage, or product palatability. Either fluid bed processors or high shear mixer granulators can be used, depending on the desired result.

Compression is made easy with our PREXIMA tablet press designed for low-temperature tableting. Mints or chewing-gums, mono or bilayer candies, no matter the size or the flavour, no matter the required production volume, all can be successfully processed.

Powder layering as well as sugar and film coating of cores in all shapes and sizes: from small sugar crystals to larger cores like pressed chewing gums, almonds or chocolate. The IMA range includes both fluid bed processors and pan coaters, with a solid wall or perforated drum.

Focus on GS
The coating pan that made history.

GS Coating Equipment is the ideal solution for all manufacturing needs: powder layering, film and sugar coating. Patented exhausting or blowing paddles convey the drying air through the cores bed. This makes for the reduction of process times and thus the air volume needed.


GS Coating Equipment features innovative technology with an awareness of the issues related to environment, energy saving and reliability. Available in different models, GS machines allows the processing of all product shapes and sizes.

The coating pan that made history.

The Webinar Series

Live webinar • October 21, 2020 - 11:00 am • Prexima for pressed candies and chewing gums
How PREXIMA can optimize process performance in pressed candies and chewing gums manufacturing.