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Post published on 20/02/2017


With the advantage of flat blanks in terms of low procurement costs compared to pre-glued cartons, the FCW300 is suitable for gum slabs, small chocolates, hard candies, chocolate bars and many other similar confectionery products. Designed to enable fast and simple changeover procedures, the FCW300 handles a host of packaging styles ranging from single, double glued and multilayer envelopes to double flavour envelopes, horizontal-opening wallets and other special formats.

The first models of this machine were delivered to gum multinationals for slabs regularly wrapped in cartons with wallet opening. Customers favored this machine both for the speed and flexibility to handle different packaging shapes for their products.

Its construction is extremely solid and easy to manage for operators. The cantilever design assures the separation of the product transport area from the mechanical devices and drives.

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