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Post published on 07/04/2017


The FTC578 is a highly compact vertical cartoner designed to handle cartons or other rigid containers and will fit perfectly into efficient turnkey lines supplied by GIMA and including end-of-line solutions.

Capable of receiving products with or without pucks and handling up to 300 ppm, the FTC578 is designed for modularity configuration as well as high-speed operation.

Thanks to its fully accessible design, implementation of additional feeding systems, printers and quality control units is simple. Main functions are servomotor-driven and allow for very short changeover times by means of PC panel recipes. Data collection software, troubleshooting, a comprehensive maintenance programme and remote assistance are all available via the PC panel for operators and supervisors. According to product behaviour or functionality needs, the FTC578 can run with continuous or intermittent motion

Main features

  • high-capacity carton magazine in ergonomic position with operator-friendly function
  • great flexibility for different types of closure styles
  • extremely wide format range, even increased on machine extended height or pitch versions 
  • quick, user-friendly format changeover, supported by servo-assisted pc panel recipe
  • can integrate different product feeding systems like multihead weighers, slat counter or volumetric, according to product behaviour
  • remote electrical cabinet allows full access to machine functions and most suitable fitting on line layout