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IMA is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic machinery used in the processing and packaging of Tissue & Nonwoven products. Thanks to its high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, IMA can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the different reference markets.

In fact, the constant research, together with the development of innovative solutions, are the hallmarks of a highly competitive group in the global Tissue & Nonwoven market.

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XWRAP is an automatic wrapping machine for bathroom and household tissue towel rolls. This high-speed servo sequential multi-roll packaging machine is suitable for wrapping single- and double-layer formats, with thermo-sealable materials PE or PPE.
Verasility at your disposal.
timer Up to 160 packs/min
WRAP250 is the answer to the need of a high-speed single to multi-roll wrapper for tissue products. This machine overcomes by 25% the market average maximum capacity of packs per minute, requiring only a single packaging line to produce up to 1000 rolls per minute.
Never-Stop Technology: shake up your production
timer Up to 250 ppm 
OTTO wrapping machines are designed to wrap bathroom tissue and household towel rolls in single layer at very high speed. This machine can wrap single layer pack configurations of 1 or 2 lanes, by selecting the requested pack configuration through its fully automatic operation. Ease-of-use, wide flexibility and reduced downtime in changeover.
Speed beyond expectations.
timer Up to 200 ppm
Designed for medium capacity production lines, ENTRA is the automatic wrapping machine for bathroom tissue and household towel rolls, away from home rolls (AFH) and medical tissue rolls (MT).
Your partner in wrapping.
timer Up to 130 cycles/minute
UNIVERSA is a wrapping machine for bathroom tissue and household towel rolls; it can wrap single, double and triple layer packs at high speed, with rolls placed both in horizontal and in vertical position. It can also pack single bathroom tissue or household towel rolls with quick and repeatable format changeovers.
Get the best of the wrapping technologies.
timer Up to 220 cycles/minute
SUPERA is an innovative single roll packaging machine designed for wrapping bath and kitchen towel rolls in polyethylene, polypropylene and paper. The integrated tuck group option, designed with the concept of modularity allows the SUPERA to wrap at the highest speeds on the tissue market. Easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective.
Wrap quickly, with any material.
timer Up to 300+ cycles/minute
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CINQUE is a top range, high-speed automatic bundler for single or any other multi-roll configuration, for bathroom and kitchen products, with any flexible plastic  packaging material, both transparent or printed. It improves the production capacities of every existing format, while maximising performance in the requested product dimensions.
Bundle any kind of roll, quickly.
timer Up to 26 cycles/minute
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