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Tissue Wrapper

Verasility at your disposal.

XWRAP is an automatic wrapping machine for bathroom and household tissue towel rolls. This high-speed servo sequential multi-roll packaging machine is suitable for wrapping single- and double-layer formats, with thermo-sealable materials PE or PPE.

Easy management and guided changeover operations can be quickly carried out through the HMI. Full size adjustments can be stored in recipes for fast, accurate and repetitive setting.

Wide flexibility and reduced downtime to switch from one pack configuration to another is guaranteed, also thanks to a reduced number of changeover parts and simple adjustments to be carried out.



With the aim of eliminating plastic on tissue and nonwoven’s primary packaging, IMA TMC developed viable solutions to allow the replacement of the traditional polyethylene film, managing the transition to new sustainable packaging.

XWRAP can process these new solutions, made out of recyclable plastic material and paper, specifically heat-sealable paper and kraft paper – a plant-based material that is renewable and easily recyclable.

  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Production speed Up to 160 (180*) packs/min, depending on pack configuration
Servo motors 15-20 depending on possible configuration
Product range (mm) Min Max
Diameter 90 170 on 4 lanes, 200mm on 2 lanes*
Length 90 300
Machine range (mm) Min Max
Width 180 (90*) 600
Length 180 (90*) 600
Height 90 300
Poly Capability (mm) Min Max
Reel width 320 1500-1800*
Repeat lenght 225 850-950*
XWRAP Layout