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The Roasting Academy is an experiential journey through the roasting process to discover and manage the key drivers of the coffee beans transformation, from the coffee varieties to how the roasting, blending, grinding and degassing processes influence the aroma and taste of the cup.

It offers all the theoretical and practical notions to become a professional roastmaster, with everything you need to know to gain expertise about green coffee, roasting and sensory skills.

The Roasting Academy will be hosted at the IMA Coffee Lab, the new pioneering laboratory placed at IMA Petroncini production site housing a full operational pilot plant from the green coffee intake to cleaning and storaging, roasting, grinding and degassing, plus several packaging solutions. The entire process is accomplished in an area covering 3000 sqm.


  • It gives an overview of the history of green coffee and roasting process, diving deep into the anatomy of a roasting machine and roasting parameters such as temperature, airflow, rotation speed, time and giving concrete demonstrations on how their correlation can affect the final results.
  • Participants will be able to distinguish green coffee, varieties, coffee grading, and the aromas, body, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, astringency through cupping session and evaluate the different products.
  • Roasting sessions will be performed to get confidence with the roasting machine.
  • Learners can experiment on how the volatile compounds and coffee aroma are created, designing a coffee blend, sourcing the right greens and shaping different roasting curves, evaluating the results.
  • A specific analysis of the roasting results will be carried out, verifying the development of the beans and defects occurred during roasting and learning about the essentials of sensory evaluation. 


Roasting Skills SCA Certifications available:




  • It offers a deeper understanding of the green coffee, looking in detail at the important things to know about growing, harvesting, processing, green coffee sorting and profiling, to be able to design the suitable coffee blend, before or after roasting, to obtain the desired tasting result.
  • Through several roasting sessions, learners will get confidence with the prediction of ROR, time span between 1°st and 2°nd crack, and the roasting parameters like airflow, drum speed, burner power.
  • At the end of the course, participants will be able to clearly define the final product target and the roasting method to achieve the ideal result.
  • They will be able to manage the temperature/roasting time balance along with the main roasting parameters, creating different roasting profile for different blends in order to get the desired coffee taste.
  • A specific analysis of the roasting results will be carried out, verifying the development of the beans in terms of yield, colour, uniformity, humidity, friability and aromas, detecting roasted coffee defects from visual and tasting points of view, cupping the final drink with different brewing methods


Roasting Skills SCA Certifications available:



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    Matteo Barbarossa

    Born in Bologna, he studied at Modena University and obtained a degree in Business Administration with a research thesis in Consumer Neuroscience. With more than 15 years of experience in the coffee market, he trained more than 1.000 coffee professionals around the globe, from USA to Far East. He joined IMA Coffee in 2022 as Coffee Expert and Roasting Trainer.

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