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Coffee Grinding Research Week | Academy Day • October 17-21, 2022

A five-day of research on coffee grinding and tasting from October 17 to 21, 2022 at the IMA Coffee LAB.

Coffee Grinding Research week, a five-day coffee tasting, was held from October 17 to 21, 2022 and featured a panel of coffee experts from Italy and Switzerland, engaged in tasting more than 200 espresso coffees, ground with different grinding technologies and extracted with different espresso extraction technologies. The working group was coordinated by Andrej Godina, PhD in sensory analysis of espresso, who outlined the work program and chose the equipment for the research.

This first week of work stems from the need to deepen the quality of espresso coffee grinding technology with flat grinders with a diameter of 64 and 65 mm. To make the research scientifically valid, with the working group, we addressed all the possible variables that can affect the quality of the espresso and we worked to keep them fixed so that the only discriminating variable could be the coffee grinder. The works were guided by the desire to photograph the state of the art of grinding with 4 coffee grinders among the best sellers in the world extracting the espresso with the three most important extraction technologies: the lever, the one which contributed to the birth of the espresso coffee as we know it today, a portion of liquid topped by a surface cream, with 53 mm diameter filters. The machines with electric pump respectively with the 58 mm filter of Faeamina and with the filter from 54 mm from the Dalla Corte Studio. The espresso drink is by far the one that is most affected by any small variation in the extraction parameters that can significantly affect the flavor. For this reason, the espresso machines with volumetric pump have been chosen for their extreme precision and thermal stability in order to guarantee constant and repeatable extractions. The tasting panel was able to perceive evident differences in flavor with the same roasted coffee extracted with only 0.5 °C of difference between one and the other.

Members of the panel:


Andrej Godina • PhD in sensory analysis of espresso – co-founder of Bfarm – curator of “Guida del Camaleonte”

Francesco Ballati • R&D Engineer and Laboratory Technician at IMA Coffee LAB

Massimiliano Marchesi • Coffee consultant and trainer, coffee taster for Guida del Camaleonte

Daniel Tock • Graduated in Food Science and Technology – R&D certifications manager at Lelit

Filippo Mazzoni • Product Marketing and Training Manager at Gruppo Cimbali 

Lauro Fioretti • R&D and Coffee Education Manager at Nuova Simonelli

Renata Zanon • Coffee consultant and trainer – R&D consultant at Ryoma

Sandro Bonacchi • Coffee Expert – Co-founder of Bfarm 

Claudio Cristofoli • Coffee Expert – R&D engineer De Longhi

Massimo Barnabà • Coffee consultant and trainer, coffee R&D expert, author of “Roasting in a book”

Mauro Illiano • Founder of Napoli Coffee Experience and curator of “Guida del Camaleonte”

Luca Palmerini • Cocoa Expert – R&D Senior Designer espresso coffee machine 


Academy Day • October 19, 2022

The first appointment of the season for the Academy Days of IMA Coffee,

the new format of events dedicated to training and research on coffee that will host coffee experts, roasters and international producers. A unique opportunity to bring the coffee supply chain together in the spaces of the IMA Coffee Lab, to share projects and experiences on coffee-related issues. The program of the day was full of important presentations and workshops, starting with the roasting sessions of Specialty coffee with roasting curves dedicated to espresso, followed by sessions to compare the analysis of the particle size distribution produced by different grinding technologies and live coffee tastings along with the panel of tasters of the Coffee Grinding Research Week.

The Academy Day of October 19th was the perfect opportunity to present the new Coffee Lab pilot plant, a complete, small-scale plant capable of processing coffee starting from reception and cleaning, passing through the various roasting and degassing technologies, grinding and finally packaging, in bags or capsules. An event that involved many professionals in the world of coffee, starting with important Italian roasting companies who were enthusiastic about taking part in the day of exchange and training between professionals

Academy Day Agenda



Specialty roasting for espresso on TT5/10 Specialty Roaster

Massimo Barnabà – coffee R&D expert and trainer

Grinding for espresso with different grinding technologies

Coffeexperts Panel of Coffee Grinding Research Week

Analysis and comparison of ground coffee particle size distribution

Francesco Ballati – R&D Engineer and Laboratory Technician at IMA Coffee LAB 

Espresso tasting sessions

Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano – Guida del Camaleonte 


Presentation sessions:


IMA Coffee LAB: the new unique fusion between technology and coffee culture

Nicola Panzani, Strategic Director at IMA Coffee LAB, CEO at IMA Petroncini

Guida del Camaleonte – The Guide on Italian Coffees and Coffee Roasteries

Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano – Guida del Camaleonte

IMA Coffee pilot plant: a fully operational small-scaled plant for test and trials

Michelangelo Parro, Sales and Product Manager at IMA Coffee

The importance of the water for a perfect coffee

Flavio Feliziani, Sales and Product Representative for Brita Italy