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Post published on 22/10/2022

IMA opens a new laboratory showroom for America’s coffee industry professionals, housing a roaster, bagger and capsule filler

With a view to strengthening its presence on the North American market, leading manufacturer of coffee processing and packaging equipment, IMA Coffee, opens the doors to ShowLAB, its new facility located in Leominster (MA) and housing a fully functional showroom.

3 key machines at visitors’ disposal

Permanent fixtures, the TTA 25 Traditional Roaster and the 3C-130 Vertical Bagger will be complemented by a low to medium speed Capsule Filler, which will be showcased according to availability and in line with evolving market trends, rotating in order to renew the miniature lab environment for visitors on a regular basis. This also allows us to keep pace with our constant release of innovations and showcase our most up-to-date technologies to satisfy such a fast-moving market.

A chance to test-drive IMA Coffee technologies

Open to all industry professionals, ShowLAB is an opportunity not only to view the machines and assess their presence in a customer’s production line, but also a chance to test-run 3 fundamental pieces of equipment to evaluate performance, quality and efficiency of the specific solution.

Personalized advice is part of the policy

Furthermore, IMA Coffee experts are present at the facility to receive visitors and offer tailored consultancy to establish the most appropriate configuration using IMA machines as a new installation or integrating them into existing lines. IMA Coffee specialists can provide targeted technical advice and will readily share the latest news on innovations coming from IMA for all the processing and packaging areas covered by the company.

The broadest expertise in a global context

Part of IMA Coffee HUB, ShowLAB is a tangible asset for our customers and proof of our policy as a coffee handling, processing and packaging specialist with the widest range of solutions on the international market. Delivering experience, technology and reliability throughout the entire coffee production process starting from green coffee intake up to end of line packaging, IMA ensures expert consultancy, plant engineering services and solutions to increase your production efficiency and improve sustainability.

Each customer is treated as a unique case, where IMA ensures that key features are adapted to specific needs, generating the best configuration to obtain optimum production efficiency, performance and achieve the required product quality.

Increased support on the North American markets

To complete the growing presence of IMA Coffee and deploy tangible services to the coffee industry on the American continent, a team of technicians ensuring availability is ready to troubleshoot remotely or on site. This service covers all aspects from mechanical to electronic, aftersales requirements, and from the prompt management of all requests by professional staff.

Structured as a full service offering, skilled processing and packaging experts work side by side, and in close contact with the engineer colleagues based in Italy, to service customers rapidly, backed by the in-depth expertise of a consolidated market player. All requirements are coordinated to ensure the best installation, maintenance and troubleshooting at all times.

Alongside a selection of key machines which can be used to demonstrate IMA Coffee’s roasting, bagging and capsule-filling capabilities, the operations set up in Leominster (MA) represent a consolidating step which brings IMA even closer to the North American coffee industry.

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