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Post published on 06/02/2017

Capsule filling & sealing machine for coffee and tea

The Gima 590 capsule filling machine can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions. In case of self-protected capsules, the machine can also handle them in modified atmosphere (nitrogen).

The Gima 590 is the reliable and cost effective option, designed for low/medium production volumes. It’s a rotary machine with a compact footprint, thus ensuring a remarkable space saving.

According to capsule configuration, tailor-made solutions are possible.

The GIMA 590 proves its flexibility being able to get upgraded in speed on the field, from 2 to 4 production lanes, and fitting different capsule styles on the same machine, with an easy size changeover between the different formats.

The machine can be also equipped with an aroma doser which dispenses drops of liquid flavours on top of the coffee into the capsule, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination while producing flavoured coffee.

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