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IMA Speeding Single-Serve Production

As consumer demand for single-serve coffee products continues to grow, smaller roasters are looking for a way to enter the market. One Italian packaging machine manufacturer believes it has the solution.

Post published on 06/02/2017

IMA Speeding Single-Serve Production

IMA (Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A.), an Italian packaging solutions provider, has introduced the GIMA 590 rotary capsule filling and sealing machine.

We started seeing all the small producers wanted to have their own technology and machinery and produce capsules themselves. They wanted to control their own product and keep the coffee fresh

said GIMA area manager Simone Capponcelli during a recent visit to the company’s manufacturing facility in Bologna, Italy:

We took our big (595) machine and made a smaller version of it. That’s how the 590 was born with features that would be interesting for a small producer.

The 590 machine allows a roaster to fill as few as 100 capsules per minute. As production increases, the machine easily can shift to 200 capsules per minute. It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

The GIMA 590 machine looks small inside the spacious assembly area. It’s designed that way to accommodate roasters’ smaller production areas, Capponcelli said. The machine’s small 2-by-2-meter footprint occupies very little of the production floor.

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