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Post published on 04/11/2021

Wrapping the present: TMC speech at MIAC 2021

Wrapping the present: technology for alternative materials.

The full speech by Andrea Germani, Key Account Manager of TMC, during the MIAC Tissue Conference, which took place at MIAC 2021 exhibition held every year in October in Lucca (Italy). MIAC is the international paper industry event that sees the participation of 250 international exhibitors of the paper industry sector.

“Three years ago, on this stage, we analysed the potentials of a plastic free technology for wrapping applicable to the tissue market, and shared the feedback about the first application of these concepts on a real production line. After three years the scenario is totally different. The evolution of materials and technical solutions is significant, consumers are more and more familiar with these new solutions, consequently the market is pushing for further optimizations and development, as well as introducing alternative wrapping materials for other products of the tissue and non-woven markets. We will have an overview on the technical progresses achieved on equipment and materials, on market trends related to “green” solutions and approach to sustainability, on next steps of this process.”

Watch full speech by clicking here>>

MIAC Tissue Conference • October 2021

Speech: “Wrapping the present: technology for alternative materials

Speaker: Andrea Germani, Key Account Manager of TMC


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