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Post published on 02/12/2021

TMC: record of 11 palletizing islands installed in 2021.

TMC – Tissue Machinery Company – thanks to a careful listening to market requests, has been able to seize new opportunities and can now offer itself as main contractor for complete packaging lines in the Tissue and Nonwoven industries, from primary packaging up to palletizing.

In 2021, TMC’s financial and technological commitment, as regards palletizing systems, was widely recognized with an average of about one plant sold per month between Europe and North America.

In most cases, it concerns the palletization of bulk products with the use of the new gripper called NEST.

The projects involved both multinational companies and individual manufacturers, allowing TMC to see its technology applied to different market realities. One of TMC’s greatest strengths is its attention and receptivity to the multiple needs of the market and for this reason the leading manufacturers of the Tissue industry acknowledge it globally.

TMC knows that no system is the same as another: the peculiarity of the treated product and the space requirements of each manufacturer are elements of uniqueness that characterize each line. For this reason, a wide range of customization possibilities distinguishes TMC’s palletizing and end-of-line solutions. High performance and containment of maintenance costs are the cornerstones that guide TMC in the design and construction of its lines.

When handling tissue products, it is essential to rely on technologies that allow products palletizing without damages. Traditional compression and suction technologies are ideal when handling products of a certain stiffness, but may not be suitable for handling very delicate or soft products such as bundles of paper rolls. In this sense, TMC has accepted the requests of many producers, who complained of excessive stress on the product during the compression phase, by developing the new NEST: a patented layer gripping head solution that uses unidirectional chains, lifting products from below.

NEST technology innovates the traditional pliers: in addition to having all the peculiarities of a bottom-gripping plier, thanks to which the product is supported and not crushed, stressed or deformed by contact, NEST has the advantage of having the same overall dimensions both in withdrawal and in storage. This makes it possible to have up to 50% less space than a parallel opening gripper and to be able to create multi-line and multi-product palletizing solutions in smaller spaces.

NEST is fast, precise and reliable even in harsh environmental conditions, for example in dusty or wet surroundings. All movements are servo-motorized to obtain maximum precision and speed and it is made entirely of aluminium and carbon to reduce weight without decreasing its strength.

The last 3 years have seen TMC engaged in important investments, in terms of both human resources and the start-up of new projects: this commitment has led in a short time to the development of advanced technologies for the end of the product line, from stand-alone palletizing islands up to the design of more complex automation systems. These systems integrate the pallet handling area, pallet wrappers, labelling machines and rail vehicles or LGV vehicles to the packaging and palletizing lines for interlocking with manual and automatic storage systems.

For over 20 years, TMC has been offering the most innovative solutions to manage and solve the complexities related to the packaging and handling of Tissue and Personal Care products.

From converting to palletizing, TMC supplies complete packaging lines for tissue rolls and baby and adult diapers and light incontinence products.