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Post published on 28/09/2021

The IMA Tissue&Nonwoven hub will attend Index 2020 in Geneva, introducing innovative and sustainable solutions for a safe production of disinfecting wet wipes and for the recyclable packaging of nonwovens.

With the re-opening of the most important international exhibitions, IMA Tissue&Nonwoven is finally proud to announce its debut at INDEX 20, the main reference exhibition for the Nonwovens Industry. It will be the perfect occasion to get in touch with the full array of developments in the Nonwovens market.

With its 60-years-history and a presence in 80 Countries, IMA Group stands as world leader in the packaging industry, covering several markets from Pharmaceutical, Food & Diary, Personal Care, throughout to Automation.

IMA Tissue&Nonwoven is IMA’s cluster of companies that includes five main actors in these sectors, proposing itself as main contractor for complete lines for wet wipe and face mask converting and packing and for the nonwovens packaging markets.


As a Concrete Partner, the strength of IMA Tissue&Nonwoven resides into the gathering of a pool of vertically specialized companies, joined by one vision: offering its customers complete and tailored solutions, with a commitment to sustainability.
At Index 20, visitors will have the chance to get in touch with the IMA brands specialized in the Nonwovens field.

TMC – Tissue Machinery Company
TMC, an excellence in the field of Tissue Packaging, will introduce a new machine for sustainable packaging of diapers: D-NAMIC, its NEW automatic stacker and bagger for baby & adult diapers, light incontinence and bed under pads will be showcased in operation. With a very compact footprint, this machine features high-speed output up to 75 bags/minute. The machine can run with either plastic or paper-based films, both recyclable and in accordance with sustainability practices. Perfect completion of the line is reached with TMC’s bundler: D-BUND is the diaper bundler tailored for every manufacturer’s need, up to 12 cycles per minute, overwrapping diaper bags in neat, tight, completely sealed bundles ready for transport and distribution.

The longstanding experience of TEKNOWEB CONVERTING in the market of wet and dry wipes and face masks will be in the spotlight. That of wet wipes is an industry that has seen an important rise since the spread of Covid-19 pandemic: disinfecting wet wipes soaked in alcoholic solutions for personal and home care are now one of the most requested products on the market. Discover Teknoweb’s machinery for IPA alcohol processing, compliant to the explosion proof regulations. Explore our raw materials sustainable and dispersible solutions, up to 300 stacks per minute.

Teknoweb means also face masks: IMA Face 400 and IMA Face 400D are the converters dedicated to the production of surgical face masks and respirators (FFP2/N95); call at the booth to discover the advantages of ultrasonic sealing. Explore our solutions for three-pieces respirators with exhalation valve at high speed.

Pioneers in the design of revolutionary flow wrapping solutions dedicated to innovative, reclosable and attractive packs, IMA ILAPAK stands out today as a market leader in both the wet and dry wipes industry.

At INDEX you’ll get the chance to discover Delta WW OF-HSX, a first-class flow wrapper for wet wipes. As for our converters, this machine is full ATEX compliant and ready for sustainable packaging, running up to 170 packs per minute with traditional laminated films and up to 130 packs per minute with fully recyclable materials.

Wet wipes can be packed in various shapes, depending on their function. The expertise of IMA PERFECT PACK is the right match to combine functional packaging solutions with maximum flexibility in format size. Sealing wipes in sachets requires a deep knowledge in packaging technology, fabrics and materials. That’s why PERFECT PACK’s complete lines of automatic sachet machines are so appreciated by all business users, in all application fields.

Sustainability matters: IMA ZERO

IMA Tissue&Nonwoven is committed to sustainable practices, which are a fundamental pillar of IMA Group.

IMA ZERO, born in 2019, is the foundation of the Group’s sustainable development programme. It has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, and of promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre. IMA ZERO is composed of 4 main programs: NoP (No-Plastic Program), LOW (Low Impact Program), E-MOB (Sustainable Mobility Program) and YOU (Human-Centric Program).

All these pillars put at the forefront the environment and the people living in it.

In the packaging industry, adopting sustainable solutions is a mandatory challenge: through the research and testing of alternative processes and materials, together with specialised partners, IMA NoP fosters plastic-free and sustainable, compostable or biodegradable packaging solutions.

For this purpose, IMA has established the Open Lab where Material Technologists study, develop and test compostable and recyclable materials to be used on its packaging equipment.

IMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.