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Thank to the widest possible range of processing and packaging solutions, IMA is able to supply turnkey solutions according to your specific requirements.

Go and select the product you wish to process and the packaging style, and have a look at our solutions at each level of the processing and packaging line.

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CA 6
CA 6
Producing hard coffee pods on a single line, the CA6 is the simplest, most compact monobloc solution available today. The essential design of the entire line ensures a considerable reduction in terms of power consumption and top rate efficiency.
Essential solutions, essential quality
timer Up to 130 pods/min
CA 3
CA 3
The newly designed CA3 monobloc machine for boxed, heat-sealed pods integrates an advanced dosing and compression system enabling even distribution of coffee inside the pod and a precise pod profile, and can easily connect to alternative end-of-line machines.
Makes the difference
timer Up to 250 pods/min
CA 1
CA 1
The CA1 all-in-one, single-dose coffee packaging machine takes efficiency to new heights, guarantees maximum flexibility and quick changeover procedures, user-friendly operation and saves on packaging material.
A soft pod packaging line in one single machine
timer Up to 800 pods/min
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