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Roasting Emission Treatment

As a machine manufacturing company, IMA Coffee Petroncini implemented many developments to reduce the emissions of the roasting equipment produced.

On the roasting and coffee processing side of the business, IMA Coffee Petroncini’s steps toward sustainability are more and obvious direct and strictly related to IMA LOW (Low Impact Program) in increasing IMA’s sustainable practices to preserve resources, reduce emissions and develop innovative low impact technologies.


IMA's sustainable practices are made apparent in IMA Coffee Petroncini’s most advanced model, the TMR, which features a modular architecture and external heat generating unit.
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This external heater allows the TMR to deploy a heat recirculation system, eradicating roasting smoke, including odour and volatile compounds, with the partial recovery of the roasting air.

Therefore, this system allows the thermal cleaning of the air ducts, reducing maintenance operations. The TMR excretes less carbon dioxide by using just one burner that acts as a heat generator and after burner. Profiling is controlled with fresh air intake that allows the operator to be very precise. The TMR saves, on average, 30 to 35 per cent more energy compared to traditional roasters. This technology is based on the concept that, rather than having one burner to heat the air for roasting coffee and a separate afterburner to keep gases from being released into the environment, it’s better to combine them into one single burner, this reduces energy consumption, and therefore emissions, more than 30 per cent, compared to traditional roasters with open roasting cycle.


This technology not only improves the TMR’s sustainability but its flexibility. This system uses convection heating over the traditional conduction heating approach, which provides a more homogenous roast of the beans.

Thanks to ORCHESTRA, the innovative roasting control system, TMR allows to pre-draw the roasting profiles for a greater variety of unconventional recipes and, therefore, a perfect roasting repeatability.