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The Open House event at IMA North America factory just ended. Visitors experienced smart, fast and ultra-innovative machines to make processing and packaging more efficient and reliable as well as cutting edge solutions never before seen.

Confectionery Packaging in all shapes and sizes. Ultimate Flex-Ability

In today’s world of fast-moving confectionery trends, only IMA has the ability to respond to the most diverse processing and packaging requirements.

A flexible approach to your needs and the ultimate in packaging variety will enhance your products, giving them a competitive edge on the market thanks to their additional appeal.

Whatever your specialty or your specific objective, IMA can provide turnkey solutions based on decades of experience and home-grown technologies which will transform your ideas into reality. From tableting, coating, filling and capping to wrapping and cartoning right up to end of line requirements, IMA has the most flexible answers for each steps of the process.

The freshest packaging style

IMA launches new equipment to process the very latest wallet for gum slabs. It produces a practical, transparent package with a convenient tuck-to-close cover flap, which not only reveals the tasty side of your product, but also conserves the primary value, its flavour.

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Tablet presses

High efficiency motorization for low temperature tableting, complete separation between processing and mechanical areas, a wide range of systems for consistent die feeding and user friendly HMI: these are the hallmark of PREXIMA tablet presses for sugar based products. The machines can be linked to downstream packaging equipment for an integrated line.

Two models will be demonstrated:

  • PREXIMA 300 single-sided tablet press for medium production output.
  • PREXIMA 800 for high output and double-sided or double layer production.

Coating pan

No matter the texture of the cores, from almonds to chocolate, from cereals to sugar spheres, IMA wide range of coating equipment with both solid and perforated pan can offer a solution to any manufacturing need: powder layering, sugar and film coating. The shape of the drum and the patented design and position of the baffles ensure delicate and optimal mixing for the perfect distribution of the coating solution. Automated machine loading and unloading can be fitted.

A PERFIMA LAB will be demonstrated: characterized by small overall dimensions, the machine ensures easy scale-up. Thanks to its interchangeable drum, it is possible to work a wide range of batch sizes.

Discover IMA DIGITAL: a project for PROCESSING and PACKAGING 4.0

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

Meet IMA Digital @Open House

IMA DIGITAL is the company’s new comprehensive project to tackle the digitization challenge that is transforming the manufacturing world. Businesses face unprecedented disruption.

IMA’s leadership in terms of innovation and technology imposes a highly competitive position also in the challenges of Industry 4.0.

By giving additional value to the packaging industry with empowered machines and services created to deliver predictive and personalized customer’s experiences across all over the value chain.

You will ride through a technological tour in the streamline of digital innovation where technology serves our processes and our products.

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