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A global partner to the Confectionery Industry, IMA provides premium service and close support at all stages of business relations throughout the entire life-cycle of a machine or integrated line of packaging equipment.

Premium Service and support

Starting at the design phase where a team of skilled engineers will devise the best solutions in collaboration with the customer, our service offering ensures constant assistance and proactive support throughout the entire life-cycle of a machine or integrated line of packaging equipment.

Decades of experience and in-depth understanding of the Confectionery Industry have enabled us to design high-performance machinery built to enhance your efficiency, productivity and the quality of the packaged product. All of this is done with another key objective in mind: that of reducing costs to what is essential, in order to maximise your profitability.

Constant assistance throughout the entire life-cycle

At ease with complex packaging lines and happy to take care of the integrated commissioning of several machines from different sources, as well as simulations and FAT execution, IMA will assist with cost-management, also making sure time-to-market deadlines are met. We also train your staff on-site at the time of installation and remain at your entire disposal to further improve the skills of machine operators once the machine is in full service.

We guarantee prompt technical assistance as well as tailored service solutions and offer a full maintenance programme designed to keep your machinery at the highest levels of efficiency and performance, also making technical advancements and upgrades available to keep you in line with your changing needs and the evolving market scenario.

A vast stock of original spare parts is immediately available to avoid excessive downtime and ensure maximum production efficiency and reliability of in-service equipment.