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Newsletter 1/2022

Teknoweb is proud to announce its recent logo rebranding.

From March 7th 2022, Teknoweb Converting and its American branch Teknoweb North America, are adopting a new logo.

From the Chief Commercial Officer's Desk.

Dear Colleague,

you’re receiving this newsletter, the first of a series during this year, in order to be updated on the recent developments and commercial strategies we are carrying out. Similar contents, mostlty marketing-oriented, are being sent to our customers (so please, do not forward).
Let me introduce you the main topics we’ll discuss in this issue.

In order to face the increased demand for facial tissues and sanitizer wipes, due to the impact of COVID-19, IMA Teknoweb developed a complete product line capable to work with IPA (Isopropyl Alchol) and guarantee health and safety of line operators and minimize risks for the plant. We did it in a peculiar way using a process much different from the competition and results are awarding us.

During the last months this isn’t the only innovation we introduced.

We witnessed new trend of items made up of biodegradable and natural materials such as recyclable plastic, viscose, cotton, bamboo, and others to avoid plastic pollution issues and contribute towards environmental sustainability. This is part of IMA NoP project, that fosters plastic-free and sustainable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging solutions. IMA NoP is part of IMA ZERO: the Group’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Today all our folding units are capable to use the newest sustainable fabrics and particularly hi-speed machines features our iconic unwinders which reduce footprint and guarantee superior performance. In our web site you find more details about these two topics.

Our efforts are not limited to folding units. We have recently introduced a bundler, MULTI50, which is capable to produce multipacks by using a simple plastic or paper handle. It replaces traditional plastic bags and therefore save precious raw materials. You can read more below.

Additionally, we worked hard to expand our reach to close by industries. In this issue you will read about new FACE 400D respirator production line suitable for N95 masks or FFP2/3 respirators.

Enjoy the reading.

Guido Conio

New advanced and sustainable Wet Wipes Bundler MULTI50.

The wet wipes market is moving very quickly towards product sustainability: 100% biodegradable nonwoven is now in common use as is the search for packaging materials that can be totally recycled safely.

With this in mind, IMA Teknoweb has pushed for the upgrade of the MULTI50 handle applicator, a machine already present in its portfolio, in order to reduce the amount of plastic in the multi-bags making the solution totally recyclable. In fact, the multi-bags with handle solution instead of pre-formed bags allows a considerable saving in the amount of material used (the wet wipes packets are held together by a single 38 mm strip of material instead of being totally wrapped).


The machine was also developed to allow the use of the same plastic material both for the adhesive tape and for the handle that is joined to it, so that everything can be recycled together.
The use of a particular photocell capable of recognizing the various colours of the art chosen by the customer for the handle allows to eliminate the typical notch for cutting the films in phase, obtaining an improvement from the qualitative point of view of the presentation of the product.

A new vane belt with paddles was introduced, keeping the products stably grouped during the application of the handle and increasing the quality of the finished product. The packages are processed on the side, allowing also an increase of stacked packets: from 4 (standard multi-bag) up to 5 or 6 if required.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) market growth after the Pandemic.

After quickly responding to the widespread need of protective masks by designing and supplying in three months a fully automatic high-speed line for the manufacture of surgical masks, we developed a well-balanced solution to enter a new market segment: PPE respirators for professional use with or without exhalation valve.


Market researches show that PPE are expected to grow by 7 – 11% p.a. throughout 2022 – 2025. Consumer and non health-care workers demand may stabilize at 30-40 bn units/y driven by legacy effect*

Our line FACE 400D is designed for the production of fish-shape head loop FFP2/3 – N95 respirators up to 5 layers of material.
We  aim at giving to investors simple though reliable technology  working up to 300 ppm with an innovative feature if compared to typical design in the industry: instead of metal staples we designed our respirators with the incapsulation of elastics with hot glue and reinforcement patches of high grammage non-woven for a better fit.
The same line can also manufacture respirators with exhalation valve in line placed in the front panel for heavy duty use in foundry, glass & wood Industries, painting shops, construction, pharma, and all sectors where high effective air filtration is needed. Addressing the need of lowest cost of the product FACE 400D delivers an individually packed respirator, then stacked in a carton box with the need of one operator and partial aid of a second person to load raw materials.
Time to market is a key issue to respond to existing opportunities so we can deliver FACE 400D in only four months from the definition of raw materials and product features and design.

Ask us for product samples, already launched in the market, and if interested, a factory visit to see FACE 400D in operation.


*source: Covid 19 PPE demand & supply perspectives — Final report Dec 2020 – section III updated in March 2021

See you at IDEA 2022!





IMA Teknoweb, within the IMA Tissue&Nonwoven hub, will attend IDEA 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida, from March 28th to 31st.

We’ll present our solutions to convert and pack face masks and respirators, safe production of disinfectant wet wipes and sustainable solutions for the recyclable packaging of nonwovens.

See you in the Miami Beach Convention Centre, Stand 2210!

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