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Newsletter 02/2022

From the Chief Commercial Officer's Desk.

In these days, our industry navigates through rough waters although nonwoven, and in particular wet wipes, market keeps growing at a sustained pace. Raw materials price rise, war in Ukraine, freight charges are mining the outlook. Manufacturers cannot transfer in-full to consumers price increases from raw materials, energy, freight, and this shrinks their margins. Moreover, war in Ukraine, COVID19 disruptions still present in far east, and raise of inflation worldwide gives uncertainty to future growth. In result investments are more difficult to be justified, or worse, are postponed waiting for stable outlook.

IMA Teknoweb copes with these world issues developing products which require less resources, using better and sustainable raw materials, able to reduce product costs. We, in IMA, are committed to develop new products to make our clients more competitive and successful, even in these cloudy times. This is the reason behind our latest updates and announcements.

During this quarter we showcased our improved rewinder/perforator for wipes in rolls, modified roto-orbital cutting saw for dry products, high speed plastic lid applicator among other innovations you will see in the very next months.

Good reading.

Guido Conio

IMA North America appointed as IMA Teknoweb’s sales subsidiary for nonwovens converting and packaging lines in the American Market.

IMA Teknoweb has announced some major changes in its US structure: the sale operations of its wet & dry wipes and face mask manufacturing and packaging solutions are now assigned to IMA North America Inc., an IMA Group subsidiary; active in the North American market since 1982. IMA Teknoweb’s former dedicated branch in the region, Teknoweb North America, has been purchased by HMSC LLC.
The new company will be the exclusive supplier of IMA Teknoweb’s spare parts in the USA.


Wet wipes converting machines use 2 types of cutting unit. A simple, low maintenance, less expensive pinch or scissor cutter and a more mechanically complex roto-orbital disc saw. The first type is used when the ribbon to be cut is thin, usually less than 25 mm thickness. This is typical for lines shorter than 25 lanes and substrates thinner than 50 gsm. The second type is used in all the other cases, machines longer than 25 lanes, when the ribbon is thick and scissor cutter cannot guarantee a neat cut. In this case, a roto-orbital saw can cut easily and neatly 50 or also 80 lanes ribbon.

IMA Teknoweb recently improved its roto-orbital saw adding features which makes this unit faster (up to 600 cuts/min), more flexible (wider range of cutting length) and more reliable (less maintenance required). It consists of 2 rotating disc blades which match ribbon speed during cutting action and therefore guarantee a straight, neat, and squared cut.

It is based on patented system that includes a counter blade made of staves, placed in a straight belt. The counter-blade belt ensures high precision and reliability more than standard anvil drum.

Roto-orbital saw is currently proposed for all our long flat-fold lines (longer than 25 lanes) and is available for retrofitting existing machines.

Recently we applied it to dry wipes converting lines successfully. Main difference compared to wet wipes solutions is a lubrication device, which is necessary to limit temperature raise.


IMA Teknoweb is always focused on covering the production of the whole range of wipe typology available on the market globally, as well as finding new solutions and creating new products.

Bucket rolls of wet wipes have always been a segment particularly popular in the US and UK markets but recently, also thanks to usage of flexible films and/or easily recyclable packaging, demand has also increased in Europe and a few other countries. KN700 is IMA Teknoweb perforator rewinder for bucket rolls made of pre-cut nonwoven.

This converter has recently been re-engineered to increase its performance, making it compliant to the latest sanitary and safety guidelines (GMP).

Starting from the mother roll, KN700 unwinds, folds, pre-cuts, and rewinds wipes in rolls. One of the main features of this machine is its capacity to perform multiple folding: V, W or C type. The rewinding unit uses a double rotating shaft (up to 840 mm) for continuous operation. Therefore, there is no start and stop but only a small reduction in speed during roll changes. The automatic ejection of finished roll ensures the highest productivity of its category. In detail, when bucket rolls are formed and ejected, the following ones start to get rewinded, so the mother roll never stops rotating: this ensures a constant tension that gives a perfect shape to the product at the highest level of productivity.

KN700 can be integrated in a complete Canister line, where dry rolls ejected by KN700 are manually or automatically loaded into the filling and capping line. Final wetting of the wipe can be either water-based or alcoholic lotion (ATEX version).


Any good production line ends with a lid applicator to apply plastic lid on top of wet wipes packs. Usually, this unit consists of a pick and place device (4 or 5 axis robots) which collects lids from a conveyor and places them onto wipes pack by means of a hot melt layer properly applied.

In order to complete our lines and be able to offer a balanced solution to our customers, we developed in cooperation with IMA CIEMME, a lidder capable to reach 150 packs/min speed.

CM150 uses 2 pick and place units (robots) mounted in series with a single gripping head. The latter ensures high precision placement surpassing performances provided by multiple gripping heads (2 or 3). Precision is also driven by robot with joints without mechanical play.

Lids are fed by 2 independent conveyors. This reduces lid linear speed and makes the whole process more precise. Lids are stored in magazines which can provide the proper autonomy before a replenishment is needed. Multiple options are available.

A vision system to check lid placement quality completes the unit. Open lids or wrongly placed ones are automatically rejected.

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