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Dear Reader,

2023 just started and already all challenges we will be facing during this year showed up very clearly.

Energy costs, lack of electronic components and raise of cost of money are only the first 3 of many, but they are enough to make this beginning of year very testing. Challenging for machine manufacturers which must face shortage of components and extend standard leadtime beyond what is generally acceptable for the market. Challenging for end users which experience variable market conditions and uncertainty in the structure cost (eg up and down of raw materials price, energy cost spike, variable freight cost), in addition to deteriorated purchase power in many regions.

However, within such a demanding and variable environment there are a few elements which remain stable and define a clear path for future developments and investments:

  • Shifting from plastic to more sustainable materials. This is a one-way direction. Impossible to come back. The only thing we don’t know is the speed of this shift.
  • Energy savvy machines: using less energy to manufacture same products.
  • Search for niche and profitable products
  • Difficulties in finding right operators push companies to invest in automated processes.

IMA Teknoweb is working hard to give solutions to the market inside these mega trends.

  • Shorter machines with reduced footprint
  • Intelligent equipment which automates exchange of data inside the factory
  • Solutions to reduce plastic content in primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging
  • Equipment to reduce number of operators.

See below to have a first glance of what we envision for the modern factories. More to come in the next issues.

Good reading,

Guido Conio



IMA Teknoweb has recently engineered a new converting line dedicated to cosmetic masks.

This project has become reality thanks to the collaboration with IMA PERFECT PACK, an IMA Group company specialized in sachet and single pouch machines, which has developed the filling and packaging.

MARK II SPA is a fully automatic converting line, from unwinding to cream filling – sachet closing for Beauty & Personal care market.

This machine is equipped with full high-speed rotary cutting blades, with precise trim removal and embedded transfer drum. The system for unwinding and managing the webs (consisting in driven spindles, huge festooning, vacuum conveyor belt) allows Mark II SPA precise processing.

A very large range of masks profiles can be produced thanks to special rotary blades that are specifically tailor-made, according to the drawing provided by the customer. Even masks with a particular art that require a precise cut from the substrate can be produced (e.g., printed profiles in the shape of an animal face): a dedicated photocell reads the notch printed on the edge of the web, indicating the phase of the product; then the machine automatically adjusts the speed of the rotating blade, to allow the precise cut of the required art profile.

The innovative technology enclosed in this converter makes possible to adjust and fill the necessary cream or lotion quantity for each product (also directly in the sachet).

MARK II SPA is completely cantilevered for easy access and cleaning, Pharma GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and sanitary design to minimize product contamination risks are always granted.

Production speed (pieces/min) Up to 120
Roll diameter Up to 1200 mm
Roll width Up to 300 mm
Product width (mm) <250
Product length (mm) <250
Folded product  length (mm) 1200 | 1500
Substrate Single layer | Double layer
Layer sealing technology Ultrasonic | Glue
Other options N.A.
Count max (n.) wet | dry Single count
Count max with double stacker for dry wipes (n.) N.A.
Reel splice Automatic
Efficiency (%) >95%
Waste (%) <2%
Energy absorption 12 KW


IMA TEKNOWEB has recently developed a special dry version of the entry-level converter for length-folded wet wipes GENESIS.

This platform is a very compact and efficient solution to produce all types of dry wipes, a special mention is for “colour catcher” wipes.

Dry wipes have a very difficult-to-manage behaviour because of their very low weight and zero cohesion one to each other, due to lotion absence: stack is very difficult to create and keep united during the whole process.

IMA TEKNOWEB has modified GENESIS with relevant components to specifically avoid these problems:

  • Special additional upper and lower belts always keep the product in position, they are placed before and after the cutting unit and before entering the stacker
  • Standard vertical stacker with pushers is now replaced by a new-generation paddle stacker unit up to 50 stacks/min with a special paddle chain consisting of a series of paddles interconnected through driving belts (number of clips in each stack is according to customer specification and related to height of the pusher).
  • Additional height calibrating unit, placed after the stacker, composed of upper and lower belt with gap manual adjustment by wheel. The final stack is ejected from the stacker, collected on a conveyor belt and transferred to the cartoner machine (or other type of packaging solution) through a system provided by the buyer.
  • Bypass system to transfer cut clips from the inline cutting unit directly to the cartoner at speeds above the stacker’s 50 cycle / min limit. Stacker and bypass conveyor are mounted on a slide for quick format change (non-motorized slide).

Genesis Dry 10 Genesis Dry 12
Cutting speed (clips/min) 300 300
Stacking speed (stacks/min) 50 50
Linear speed (m/min) 100 100
Rolls – Precut 10 12
Drive System Full Servo Full Servo
Roll diameter (mm) std | opt 1200 | 1500 1200 | 1500
Roll width (mm) min | max | opt 150 | 250 | 290 150 | 250 | 290
Stack length (mm) min | max 100 | 320 100 | 320
Folded wipe width (mm) min | max 75 | 140 75 | 140
Interfolded Yes | No Yes | No
Fold type Z, C, W, modified V Z, C, W, modified V
Reels splice std | opt Manual | Automatic Manual | Automatic
Clip height (mm) min | max 5 | 25 5 | 25
Stack height (mm) min | max 5 | 110 5 | 110
Waste (%) <3 <3

See you at INDEX 2023

The IMA Tissue&Nonwoven hub will attend INDEX 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 18th to 21st.

Innovative solutions to convert and pack wet and dry wipes, disinfectant wet wipes, bed underpads from converting to the end-of line, and sustainable solutions for the recyclable packaging of nonwovens will be under the spotlight during the exhibition.

The main international exhibition for the Nonwovens Industry will be the perfect occasion to get in touch with the full array of developments.

Join us at Palexpo, Geneva, Stand 2170!

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