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Teknoweb Converting

With more than 15 years fully dedicated as main contractor for the nonwovens industry, we provide state of the art solutions to manufacture wet wipes and face masks successfully. No one is too far or too small to access to our solutions. We shape innovation. We deliver.

Your perfect match for wet wipes plants.

IMA Teknoweb is world leader in the supply of complete production plants for wet wipes. We cover the entire transformation cycle from lotion fabrication, wipes converting and up to primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

We integrate competencies from specialists in each specific fabrication step and deliver full solutions with a one-stop” approach.

We appoint since the beginning a PM which will follow you through all project phases and coordinate activities from multiple companies and location. The success of your wet wipes project is guaranteed and you will complete it hassle free.

TEKNOWEB is an Engineering - Procurement - Construction (EPC) contractor of wet wipe plants

We will engineer a solution for you providing

  • User Requirement Specifications (URS)
  • Drawings
  • Bills of Materials (BOM)
  • Proposal of individual machines, all sourced and fabricated in IMA, composing your full manufacturing plant.

Afterwards, we act as main contractor procuring all machines, fabricate them internally when applicable, and provide a functional test before transporting them to your location. At your site we go through a full testing, commissioning and start up to deliver according to, or even beyond, your expectation.

We are Shaping Innovation

Since the beginning, IMA TEKNOWEB has been recognized as innovator in the wet wipes field. Major innovations of last 15 years has been introduced by Teknoweb as web edge guiders for each lane, unwinders for pre-cut rolls motor-less with zero speed splicing, variable width wetting bars, flat pack hi-speed stacker, linear motors in cross fold stacker, straight layout for cross fold machines for better operations,  and so many others.

We strive to be always ahead.

With this objective in mind, we have been executing open collaborations with research centres, partnership with companies belonging to the wipes supply chain. This allows TEKNOWEB to innovate and add value to its products.

We call this process Shaping Innovation.

Surgical and Respirator Face Mask solution

Fruit of an IMA joint effort and commitment and supported by its top expertise, IMA FACE 400 represents the ultimate answer to massive challenges. Designed to respond to a present real need and global emergency but with an eye towards the future, IMA turn-key solutions are enriched with new technologies and innovation, a balance of expertise and know-how to respond to any specific market demand.

Prompt, all-round converting and packaging solutions for Surgical and Respirator Face Masks.

Disinfectant wipes in explosion-proof environment.

Alcohol-soaked disinfected wipes for surface cleaning mainly use IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), which brings into the manufacturing operations many challenges related to its toxicity and high flammability.

Hence the use, for producing disinfecting wipes, of special equipment compliant to ATEX (explosion-proof) standards, such as:

  • A minimum amount of ventilation in the cabinet to remove vapor
  • A proper enclosure of the machine, safeguarding the operator
  • A machine design able to reduce ignition causes, keeping mechanical parts at a low temperature and avoiding dangerous sparks

Discover Teknoweb’s ATEX compliant portfolio for disinfectant wet wipe lines.


Wet wipes converting machines use 2 types of cutting unit:

  • a simple, low maintenance, less expensive pinch or scissor cutter
  • a more mechanically complex roto-orbital disc saw

IMA Teknoweb improved its roto-orbital saw adding features which makes this unit faster (up to 600 cuts/min), more flexible (wider range of cutting length) and more reliable (less maintenance required).

It consists of 2 rotating disc blades which match ribbon speed during cutting action and therefore guarantee a straight, neat, and squared cut.

Solutions for Length-Fold wipes

Length-fold (wipes folded only lengthwise) production systems add considerable capacity,  versatility and processability, to reduced floor space:

  • capacity tailored to the manufacturer’s needs, from 80 to 600 packs/minute
  • versatility ensured by wide range of raw materials suitable to be processed
  • agility guaranteed by extremely quick change overs, short CIP duration, limited manning
  • reduced overall machine footprint by an advanced cutting and stacking system
  • Single or double packaging legs to match operation layout and efficiency objectives

Solutions for Cross-Fold wipes

IMA TEKNOWEB systems for  Cross-Fold products (wipes folded both lengthwise and crosswise) are state of the art production lines. Their core unit is converting machine which is tailored on customer need. Use of multiple lanes (2, 3 or 4) allows to set production to 1,600/2,400/3,200 wipes/min.

The machine capabilities are characterised by a wide range of substrates (including the most delicate and demanding), reel type (single or semi-jumbo) and process/product controls, to guarantee maximum levels of performance, reliability and compliance with the strictest specifications.

  • Tailored to volume requirements
  • Agile for immediate change overs
  • Straight layout and full accessibility for operators for highest reliability
  • Superior product quality and sanitary design

Solutions for Sachets

IMA TEKNOWEB provides solutions to pack wipes in individual pouch (sachet). Our machines come in 2, 4 or 6 lanes according to volume demand. Machine footprint is very limited and can be placed everywhere on the shopfloor. The packaging machines downstream solutions come from the IMA companies participating to Tissue&Nonwoven Hub.

Solutions for wet mitt and glove

Wet mitt and glove solutions have been developed by IMA TEKNOWEB many years ago and today represent a clear technological leadership due to reliability and speed of its machines.

Wet mitt are mainly used in hospitals or by caregivers to wash elderly or patients, which are not able to take a shower, by themselves. However, multiple additional markets are discovering these type of products: pet care, household etc.

Discover our proposals to produce reliable mitts with perfect contour sealing (made by ultrasonic guns), wetting and folding. We made it easy and quick: up to 500 ppm properly stacked.

TEKNOWEB CONVERTING – NEXT • Wet wipe converting line

Modern shopfloors need to quickly change products, even every week, in order to satisfy the various market requests. Speed and minimum machine stops are crucial: NEXT answers these needs, introducing reproducible settings and shorter cleaning duration.

Delivers complete production plants for wet wipes, covering the entire transformation cycle from lotion fabrication, wipes converting and up to primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. We integrate competencies from specialists in each specific fabrication step and deliver full solutions with a “one-stop” approach.

Production facility:

Teknoweb Converting s.r.l.
Via dei Salici, 7
26020 Palazzo Pignano – Cremona (Italy)
Phone: +39 0373 951311

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