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IMA Group at Supply Side West 2018
08-09 November 2018 • Las Vegas, USA • Booth #1447

Enter the world of Processing and Packaging to discover the future of your business

IMA will showcases its perspective of the processing and packaging Industry:
a complete portfolio featuring the launch of new machines, new technical solutions to specific production issues,
pilot projects for Industry 4.0, unique approaches to manufacturing processes and turn-key applications. 

Solutions for Pharma market sector, ready to enhance your
production efficiencysafeguard your machinery and increase your competitive advantage.

IMA’s booth and attendance will grant visitors a comprehensive overview of
what IMA really represents in riding the wave of the digital era by integrating innovative technology on its automatic machinery. 

Machines on show

All our skills. Compressed.

Powered by IMA’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, PREXIMA drives productivity to a higher level of efficiency. PREXIMA ensures optimal performance even with the most difficult-to-manage powders, keeping the tablet uniform in terms of weight and hardness.

Advanced Coating. Lab Version.

Characterised by minimal overall dimensions, PERFIMA Lab ensures easy scale-up. Considered a laboratory coater, it can also act as a machine for small production batches.
Thanks to its interchangeable drum, it can be used for a wide range of capacities: from 3 to 70 litres.

Sensum corner

Sensum is specialized in high quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry by integrated vision systems.

Meet Sensum experts to discover the latest innovations for automatic inspection and sorting of tablets and capsules.