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Integration with automation systems

An overview of what is being accomplished to ensure automation systems and equipment comply with pharmaceutical guidelines and can integrate into the customer.

Nico De Wilde
Enrico Passadore

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Meet our speakers

Nico De Wilde
Automation Manager at IMA Life North America
Nico holds an Electromechanical-Automation Engineering degree and has 30 years of experience in automation. He is currently Automation Manager at IMA Life in the freeze drying center of excellence. He joined the IMA Group in 1997; He has experience as Project Manager and Area Sales Manager within the company. This helps to understand market requirements and industry trends for control systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Enrico Passadore
IMA Life HMI-SCADA Engineering Coordinator
Enrico holds an Electronic Engineer’s degree from the University of Bologna. After a number of jobs involving software design and industrial automation, he joined IMA Life in 2003 where he became Team Leader for the development of HMI applications and data acquisition for automatic machines. A few years ago he was appointed as HMI-SCADA Engineering Coordinator for all IMA Life production plants.